Styled Thoughts 01: As a NooBee

Aside from trekking dangerous mountains, trading in the stock market is the most mysterious and adventurous thing I’ve ever known. There were times that I had to avoid coffee, my very precious thing, just to dance without palpitating with Miss Market. There were sleepless nights not because I was awake in someone else’s dreams but because I was too worried about the stock that I just bought. *insert eye bags here*  There were penniless days because all my positions were shattered by the bears. I hate bears. Really, but I want them! How come? Go find it yourself. 😛

Afraid? Thou shall not. Trust me. 😉

Given all those grievances, I cannot deny the fact that, trading can give you more than what you asked for.

Here are some five vital realizations you will have as a noobee in the stock market

1. HYPE alert!

If you’re a member of tons of trading groups on FB, being a hype victim will never be out of the picture. Given all the gurus and geniuses in the battle field, tickling your emotion towards trading is super easy for them. Even you can hype yourself, convincing  that a certain stock would go up up in a way as you wanted to. Little did you know, Ms. Market was too stubborn to do what you wanted.

When others are hyping you…

2. You are now probably thinking of charts!

Eating charts in the morning, evening, afternoon and at midnight would take so much of your time but without you working for it, your losses would eat so much of your wealth. Now, choose. You would probably enter positions in all potential entries and end up optimistic about your improvements. However, failure and disappointments would come along the way. You’re warned.

Instead of charts, think about us!

3. You become more likely a stone!

A stone is a stone. Even you kick it, flip it, or never mind it, it doesn’t care. It also described you as you become familiar with trading. It minimized and sooner it gradually took your emotion towards fighting the bloody bath. You would realize that being merciless was your only way to go. It was like the survival of the emotionless. 😉

Say hi to Emma Stone XD

 4. Sorting becomes easy!

A lot of people say, “Everyone is unique.” That is very true about stocks as well. You would realize that your treatment between a blue chip stock (composed of 30 big companies in the Philippines) and a penny stock (a stock that doesn’t warn you before it goes spaghetti pababa) must be different. Sorting stocks before trading them came to play. You would consider the type of perspectives stockholders or traders treated to the same stock that you were in. However, everything was subjective so you would end up confused most of the time.


5. Gluing your eyes on the ticker is no need!

How I wish I could honestly say that my eyes were not glued on the screen during market hours. However, I realized that if only if I were good enough to spot stars in the charts, I was good to go. No need to bring the laptop with me to the comfort room when I feel like I was about to uhhmmm. Nothing to worry about. Right? Well, except  from World War III!

Charting would make you become more confident with the positions that you’re in. You just have to do your self-assigned homework. Thus, it also applies to fundamentalists. Don’t get me wrong fundamentalists guys out there. Still, you would realize that when your GTC was on, you must have at least three strong reasons to hold on to. Kapit lang! 😀

Computer Hackers Meet For Annual Congress

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The Unspoken Killer: Inflation

The unspoken killer has been always everywhere. Average people feel it, investors play the waves with it and rich people want to dictate it. However, no one has ever caught nor touched it and all of them always face the fear of it. 


Oops! I did not mean to be poetic or something. I was just in the mood to figuratively describe what inflation is for me.

468680129Have you ever wondered why there is the not-so-funny inflation here on earth? How about questioning the importance of goods and services rising as the heavens above over time? If you have asked those questions, congratulations! Just congratulations!

We always hear inflation everywhere. People have became more aware of its effect to the lives of each and everyone whose capable of eating and living. Actually, my fear of inflation defy the kitten out of me to enter the world of investments.

When I saw this picture last year in a seminar about stocks, I just found myself nodding and thinking how the value of Mr. Money can depreciate without him telling me. How dare him!


Inflation happens when a country prints more money than what it actually earns. Of course, as a result every one will lose some value of their money when inflation as a hidden tax strikes.  

Reference: Saving Your Future

Here is the recent chart of the inflation rate of the Philippines:

2016-03-04_00-35_Philippines Inflation Rate
The National Statistics of the Philippines

Let us get the inflation rate in February 2015 which was 2.5%. That means your 100 pesos today will be worth 97.50 next year so putting your money in a bank account with a flat return is a losing strategy.

Lets say that you have 12,000 pesos income per month in today’s value. Your 12,000 pesos with the average inflation rate of 2.5% has the same buying power as 15,361.01 pesos 10 years later 17,379.58 pesos 15 years later and 19,663.40 pesos 20 years later .

Wew!  Enough math for today! 😀

I know. Don’t cry. You are not alone. It is still not too late and still not too early to start (’em tapping your back dude) knowing the crappy things around you. The good thing is, there are a lot of ways to fight inflation.  I will be spitting them on my future blog posts. The most important thing now is that you know who the unspoken killer is. I tell you with my eyes being teary, when you already learn how to fight inflation, you will be able to conquer the world. Let’s rock!

Rock to the world! Cheers!

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