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Friday is about to end. Yey! I’m feeling energized because¬†my office mate bought me a cone of the black ice cream from Lawson that I have been craving for weeks. Because of it, here’s another blog post. Hahaha Well, as if someone is really reading my blog :(. By the way, this will be short since the ice cream is melting fast. ūüėÄ

Investing in the stock market is really easy. It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

These are the three simple steps to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market:


Choose and select an online broker that you would use to trade stocks. Sometimes these brokers provide free seminars for you to have a better understanding of how the stock market works. We also have human brokers but they are not common nowadays.

Here are some online brokers you can choose from:

2016-04-29_23-10_COL Financial

COL Financials

2016-04-29_23-12_Maybank ATR Kim Eng

Make Trade

2016-04-29_23-18_Timson Securities


2016-04-29_23-19_Philstocks Trade.jpg





Fund your account not below the minimum amount that the broker had set. The instructions of how to fund your account are given on the websites.¬†Some brokers like COL, Utrade, and Philstocks have the minimum fund deposit of 5,000 petots. ¬†Just wait for your fund to reflect on your account. It’s¬†fast normally. Well, in my broker (MakeTrade), it is. I just don’t know with the others.

Third and last:

Buy your first stock. It would be better to buy blue chip stocks if you’re just starting. Blue chip stocks are stocks of the thirty stable companies here in our beloved country. We also have the second liner stocks and the third liners stocks which I am lazy to discuss on this blog post. As you go through your investing journey you would learn those things. Clue: those stocks sometimes fly ¬†but when they do they devour, you’ll surely cry. ūüėČ

You may want to visit this page to learn more about the companies in the market.

2016-04-29_23-40_Dividends and Rights


Love your hard-earned money. Better to invest in knowledge first. Don’t do what I did.¬†


(Em done licking my melting ice cream! So messy Lels!)

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My Beginnings Part 2- The Immunity Test

That day, I woke up with my blood poured out. No one noticed that I was¬†bleeding. That was the worst part of it. I was on my own. It was on the inside that no one would be able to help. It was a torture. All the things in the chart were all in Greek. Hyping and bashing everywhere. I wasn’t able to move. I was tied.

It hurt a lot. A lot.

It was just a three months ago when I got involved into the promises of prosperity. I was flying blind.  The promises soon perished. It was a doom.  There was darkness all around. No light could be foreseen.


I was down thirty¬†percent…

I¬†whispered, “Is this the end or…?”

Down to forty percent….

My work was affected. The focus was gone. Before I knew it, I became an irate one that I once hated. Being easily irritated was the new me. My sisters were bothered of such behavior. My father¬†tried confronting me as if he could do something but because of his high temper we always ended up with the devil’s advocate. It was an uphill battle. Still, I loved him. I knew he was just trying to help but there’s no way he could help. I loved him even more. On the other hand, my mother always watches¬†the news so she understood¬†what was happening.¬†She didn’t say any words that could make me devastated even though I already was. She believed that I could surpass it and ¬†all she knew was I was strong. Well, that was what I showed her because I didn’t want her even my dad¬†to be shaken and lose hope with what it was supposed to be. I thought I showed her enough strength but her actions were so comforting, acknowledging that she knew what was happening in the inside of me. She didn’t bother to ask me anything and that I didn’t know why. She somehow pictured a bit of peace in the middle of the raging waves of blood. I loved her the most.


I saw the devil and ¬†it felt like¬†letting big wounds swell without the capability moving a muscle. It felt like having¬†an operation without a shot of anesthesia. I couldn’t blame anyone in putting me into this situation since I first wanted it. I wish the ground would swallow me up and set¬†my peace.¬†My “what ifs”cried ¬†louder and louder.

“I should still endure the pain…”

“What should I do?” I asked myself with my hands covering my face. My eyes had watered like they never had. It was more¬†painful¬†than a heartbreak.

Down forty three¬†percent…


I was frustrated.¬†Down forty five¬†percent…

A deep breath came out without my control.

I stood up and walk in the lobby for a while. Thinking that I should do something, I rushed and went back to my desk.

The numbers continued to bleed. I held my breath.


Liquidating all my positions into a loss enabled me to breathe. Finally, I sighed.

I was in the middle of being defeated but relieved.

I bought some ice cream, treated myself a movie, and ate a piece of chicken in Savory. At last, I became free: worry free, anxious free and free from bondage. The action overlapped the darkness deep within me. I saw a bitter light of walking away from the battle. Quitting was an option this time. However, the calling was too strong.


It was like more than three days when I stayed away from the market. I kept on thinking if it was really for me. Internalizing the thoughts I had before the  peace I was enjoying had gone away, a glimpse of yesterday had shined. An internal motivation of not surrendering arose.

In the following days, I saw myself reading helpful blogs and trying promising positions. Bad trades have become common but they don’t hurt that much. Not anymore. Maybe I became tougher. Maybe.

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Styled Thoughts 02: How Are Mountains Made?

Way back not so many years ago, in college, I took this not so interesting subject-Earth Science. Please don’t kill me Gen-Sci majors. We had lessons about mountains, streams, volcanoes, oceans and a lot more. It was the most memorable subject ever. I aced it. Hello classmates! I’m not bragging! ūüėõ ¬†Going back, there was a very striking thing that caught my focus¬†and made me feel interested in the subject. It was the force that made those majestic creations real.

We¬†cannot deny the fact that one of the most incredible sights on Earth, though, is a¬†majestic mountain¬†range. From the Himalayas to the Rocky Mountains, there’s just something about those steep, tall¬†, and craggy¬†peaks that stirs every freaking¬†soul.


It made me think of the mountains in the trading world. Maisingit lang diba. ūüėõ I just wonder about the forces that make some¬†stocks fly high.

I wish I¬†were able to ride a stock and as it formed to becoming a huge mountain. Sarap! I would probably¬†able to see the top as the sun rose above. The future would be¬†bright. Very bright. I’ll get there.

Well Paps, How are mountains formed?

Mountains can be made in many different ways. Some mountains (penny mountains) are formed as a result of tectonic plates smashing together. That action makes the crust of the earth crumple. Those crumples are the mountain ranges.


Same goes with stocks. Most of you are pro’s, but for a beginner like me it takes a very keen observation to have a grasp of¬†what makes the prices of a stock go deeper or higher on a certain day with or without catalysts. I am also not a good observer, though, maybe I should stop writing this, though. ūüėõ

2016-04-20_16-51_Maybank Online Chart

As the mountains are being prepared to be set, ¬†the Jockeys — they are emotional experts, the Bodegers — they hoard stocks, and the Bottom fishers — they buy at the bottom (sila ung maraming bala at matyaga din sila) initiate the earthquakes. Those quakes initiate the series of smashes so the folds of prices would grow higher till it reaches Mars.

We, given our small capital, will just wait for them to do the breakout and ride all the way to the top.


Make a choice to sell at a profit or do a free fall. ¬†That’s the start of the mountain making.

Those players have their spare money to buy at higher prices to attract buyers. The buyers would probably be us — hungry for a roller coaster ride. Since, they are¬†able to buy the stock at the bottom, they would be willing to feed us-the hungry buyers longing to see the shining sun on¬†the top with some portion they called as pain. They would¬†feed us until we get choked. But, the late eaters will experience a different story. They haven’t eaten enough and still they will have to vomit more than they just have eaten. Just my observation.


Behold, the formation of a mountain requires time. Focusing and a keen observing are no joke.  Walang kukurap. Still, mountains will undergo erosion,  some shaky earthquakes and weathering (hyping). Bwhala! There you have it, a mountain.

“Eat or be eaten.”-Zeefreaks

2016-04-20_14-28_Maybank Online Chart

How can I be unshakable when riding as the mountain forms? I asked.

They said, “Be prepared, mentally and most of all emotionally.”

Huh? Seriously?

Until I met $NOW. Check it’s weekly, daily, hourly, and 1 to 30 minute charts. This stock has taught me a lot about minute trading. I did a lot of mistakes here and I declare¬†that I won’t be doing those mistakes again. Please sana hindi na noh. ¬†$NOW, I look forward to some other mistakes to come. ūüėÄ


The red erosion of fear, helping the beautiful mountain would probably seem to flow endlessly. Yeah, it would seem endless to those who can’t see and move. Been there and still in there. lels

The pain is with me.


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Styled Thoughts 04: $SSI- Mission Failed

004Today is Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

I would just give an update to this stock that I just experimented last week given all the bad connotations with it on social media. I planned to have TF but again my emotion struck. -_-

2016-04-20_13-06_Maybank Online Chart

I failed to maximize my gains. Definitely not a memorable trade. Lels.

Charge to experience.

Next time ulit. :p


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Styled Thoughts 03: $SSI

Today, I think of writing about a specific stock but before that I want to open up about the things that I seriously scrutinize nowadays.

I just realized¬†that eating charts day and night will not exempt me from being so frustrated in the market. I am not saying that it is useless but it just makes my risk appetite stronger. It also makes my judgements and actions reasonable. The junky part of me increases from time to time so it¬†also makes me¬†go all in a very unusual stock. By the way, I trade speculative stocks these past few months. I do a lot of trials and errors using my hard earned and loaned money. Wow, risky. Don’t worry, I trade to win. Buo dapat ang loob. There is no loss. It’s either you win or you learn. Fighting!

There was this one fundamental trader, he is a friend of mine and he asked me these questions yesterday, “How come you become a basurera? What happened to you?” I answered,”Uhmm, I also don’t know.” I just didn’t want to explain further. You know the feeling right? No? Okay. :p I just don’t want to entertain what he had to say when I replied to his questions. I just sensed that he wouldn’t understand or he was still not ready for it. I smelled rejection so I kept quiet.

My frustrations about my own abilities in trading also add up to the stressful battle we traders always face. Putting all shits together after a bad trades is just an ordinary routine to face nowadays. Plus, explaining why you did those trades worsens the negative vibes, so why  still explain, right? Just face the charts and learn from your mistakes.

I guess my heart is on my way to¬†becoming calloused. I don’t feel the pain deeply for a lost anymore. However, sometimes I remember the feeling of being wounded, of course. I suddenly remember the song, I Remember The Boy, But I Don’t Remember The Feeling Anymore. La la la la. I know the feeling now. The AHA moment has popped! Lol

Let’s have this stock now. It is very special to me today. I analyzed its chart based on the things I learned on different blogs (Zeefreaks’ and Tradeciety’s Blogs) and from different people in the trading world.

My plan is set. SSI may you be my one of the most memorable trades. CAVEAT!

Time: 12:00 am  Date: 04/13/2016  Stock: SSI chart  with the indicators I use and TPs

Time: 3:30 pm  Date: 04/13/2016  Stock: SSI

That was a strong close!

I foresee what will happen tomorrow.


Styled Thoughts 02: $MRSGI

Today, as the market opens at 9:30 am, I am just feeling naive. Though, my positions are all green fields. I still feel unhappy. I fail to revenge in this stock that has hurted me so deeply  through my bones. I saw it coming but because of the trauma this stock has brought me I was unable to ride. My emotion sucks. I wish I were a robot.

*insert frustrations here*


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My Beginnings Part 1-Fire Up

Trading in the stock market had¬†always been a myth for me. I had this thinking that only the rich was capable of doing it. It had¬†always been so magical for me that whenever I came to hear about stocks, bonds, shares and some other stuff about investing, they amazed me. Well, it still amazes me now but not as much as how my friends are being amazed when I tell them how they can make money¬†from those. Others think that I am talking about some networking stuff or I’m scamming them. No way!

Well, how did I start? You may ask.

Last year, I had a weird routine. How weird? I don’t know. I just found it weird because when people here in the office do it because of some heart matter issues, I saw myself in them when ¬†I was still one. Besides, we all have¬†different reasons and motivations. Well, I don’t do it anymore so I consider myself okay now. Let’s get back. Last year, when 10:00 o’clock pm stroke, you would¬†see¬†me dressed up with running shoes, a comfy shirt, short shorts, a knee band, and with my long hair tied tight. I ran in the Ayala Triangle for three freaking hours not because I was really a healthy junky but I just wanted to forget someone. I never stopped¬†until I hit 20 rounds. Kinda hardcore? Not really just motivated.

Hmmm. Don’t ask further questions. Thanks.


One night, I lay on the ground, same spot where I used to lie whenever I felt tired. I looked at the buildings that my peripheral¬†vision could reach. I asked myself, “How did the people behind those freaking buildings do these?”¬†That time, I had this huge trouble involving money. I had always felt that I was sitting on a rocking chair. It made me move but brought me nowhere.¬†It¬†was the wake-up call. It tinged¬†the bell and switched the light bulb on above my head.


The day after that. I sought for seminars, books, articles, and people whom I could talk to. It had always been a rocky, dusty and muddy road for me given my beliefs about money, environments (friends, family, and colleagues) with my empty background in investing and a very thin and weak piggy bank.

Day after day, the decisions and my motivations to become financially free were becoming stronger. I prepared all the things that I had to settle before trading in the stock market. I saw to it that my tithing would never be affected so I always set it aside together with my intrega to mudrakels. I hope you know what I mean. I also settled my life insurance policy. Back then, I just knew that I needed it because I usually hike in the mountains. Just to make me feel safe you know. Also, for my mudra not to cry very loudly when she¬†finds me cold dead in the mountains. Little did I know, it is really necessary. I also opened accounts for my moving fund and for my emergency fund. Believe me, massive changes happened to me before doing¬†those things. My lifestyle had changed. I even said. “See you sometimes, Starbucks!” *insert tears here*

It took me three and a half freaking months before I opened my first online trading broker. I bought my first stock at 11:58. It was 2 minutes before lunch time. In my mind, “This is it! Pancit!” That stock was JFC and it was 201.00 per share then sold it when it reached 210.00. Now, investigate when I started. ūüėČ

The junky trader in me had awaken.

Little did I know, it was the start of an emotional roller coaster ride in which I was not warned about.

I thought I was tough enough. I thought I already knew who I was.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Breathing became louder.

Tears fell like they weren’t before.

I saw blood shattered everywhere. It’s a¬†kind of blood that never runs out.

But, one thing was for sure, there was no turning back.

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