My Beginnings Part 1-Fire Up

Trading in the stock market had always been a myth for me. I had this thinking that only the rich was capable of doing it. It had always been so magical for me that whenever I came to hear about stocks, bonds, shares and some other stuff about investing, they amazed me. Well, it still amazes me now but not as much as how my friends are being amazed when I tell them how they can make money from those. Others think that I am talking about some networking stuff or I’m scamming them. No way!

Well, how did I start? You may ask.

Last year, I had a weird routine. How weird? I don’t know. I just found it weird because when people here in the office do it because of some heart matter issues, I saw myself in them when  I was still one. Besides, we all have different reasons and motivations. Well, I don’t do it anymore so I consider myself okay now. Let’s get back. Last year, when 10:00 o’clock pm stroke, you would see me dressed up with running shoes, a comfy shirt, short shorts, a knee band, and with my long hair tied tight. I ran in the Ayala Triangle for three freaking hours not because I was really a healthy junky but I just wanted to forget someone. I never stopped until I hit 20 rounds. Kinda hardcore? Not really just motivated.

Hmmm. Don’t ask further questions. Thanks.


One night, I lay on the ground, same spot where I used to lie whenever I felt tired. I looked at the buildings that my peripheral vision could reach. I asked myself, “How did the people behind those freaking buildings do these?” That time, I had this huge trouble involving money. I had always felt that I was sitting on a rocking chair. It made me move but brought me nowhere. It was the wake-up call. It tinged the bell and switched the light bulb on above my head.


The day after that. I sought for seminars, books, articles, and people whom I could talk to. It had always been a rocky, dusty and muddy road for me given my beliefs about money, environments (friends, family, and colleagues) with my empty background in investing and a very thin and weak piggy bank.

Day after day, the decisions and my motivations to become financially free were becoming stronger. I prepared all the things that I had to settle before trading in the stock market. I saw to it that my tithing would never be affected so I always set it aside together with my intrega to mudrakels. I hope you know what I mean. I also settled my life insurance policy. Back then, I just knew that I needed it because I usually hike in the mountains. Just to make me feel safe you know. Also, for my mudra not to cry very loudly when she finds me cold dead in the mountains. Little did I know, it is really necessary. I also opened accounts for my moving fund and for my emergency fund. Believe me, massive changes happened to me before doing those things. My lifestyle had changed. I even said. “See you sometimes, Starbucks!” *insert tears here*

It took me three and a half freaking months before I opened my first online trading broker. I bought my first stock at 11:58. It was 2 minutes before lunch time. In my mind, “This is it! Pancit!” That stock was JFC and it was 201.00 per share then sold it when it reached 210.00. Now, investigate when I started. 😉

The junky trader in me had awaken.

Little did I know, it was the start of an emotional roller coaster ride in which I was not warned about.

I thought I was tough enough. I thought I already knew who I was.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Breathing became louder.

Tears fell like they weren’t before.

I saw blood shattered everywhere. It’s a kind of blood that never runs out.

But, one thing was for sure, there was no turning back.

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Sometimes I feel quite smart. Other times I have to sing the "A,B, C's" in my head to remember which letter comes next. That's me.

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