Styled Thoughts 03: $SSI

Today, I think of writing about a specific stock but before that I want to open up about the things that I seriously scrutinize nowadays.

I just realized that eating charts day and night will not exempt me from being so frustrated in the market. I am not saying that it is useless but it just makes my risk appetite stronger. It also makes my judgements and actions reasonable. The junky part of me increases from time to time so it also makes me go all in a very unusual stock. By the way, I trade speculative stocks these past few months. I do a lot of trials and errors using my hard earned and loaned money. Wow, risky. Don’t worry, I trade to win. Buo dapat ang loob. There is no loss. It’s either you win or you learn. Fighting!

There was this one fundamental trader, he is a friend of mine and he asked me these questions yesterday, “How come you become a basurera? What happened to you?” I answered,”Uhmm, I also don’t know.” I just didn’t want to explain further. You know the feeling right? No? Okay. :p I just don’t want to entertain what he had to say when I replied to his questions. I just sensed that he wouldn’t understand or he was still not ready for it. I smelled rejection so I kept quiet.

My frustrations about my own abilities in trading also add up to the stressful battle we traders always face. Putting all shits together after a bad trades is just an ordinary routine to face nowadays. Plus, explaining why you did those trades worsens the negative vibes, so why  still explain, right? Just face the charts and learn from your mistakes.

I guess my heart is on my way to becoming calloused. I don’t feel the pain deeply for a lost anymore. However, sometimes I remember the feeling of being wounded, of course. I suddenly remember the song, I Remember The Boy, But I Don’t Remember The Feeling Anymore. La la la la. I know the feeling now. The AHA moment has popped! Lol

Let’s have this stock now. It is very special to me today. I analyzed its chart based on the things I learned on different blogs (Zeefreaks’ and Tradeciety’s Blogs) and from different people in the trading world.

My plan is set. SSI may you be my one of the most memorable trades. CAVEAT!

Time: 12:00 am  Date: 04/13/2016  Stock: SSI chart  with the indicators I use and TPs

Time: 3:30 pm  Date: 04/13/2016  Stock: SSI

That was a strong close!

I foresee what will happen tomorrow.



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