Styled Thoughts 02: How Are Mountains Made?

Way back not so many years ago, in college, I took this not so interesting subject-Earth Science. Please don’t kill me Gen-Sci majors. We had lessons about mountains, streams, volcanoes, oceans and a lot more. It was the most memorable subject ever. I aced it. Hello classmates! I’m not bragging! 😛  Going back, there was a very striking thing that caught my focus and made me feel interested in the subject. It was the force that made those majestic creations real.

We cannot deny the fact that one of the most incredible sights on Earth, though, is a majestic mountain range. From the Himalayas to the Rocky Mountains, there’s just something about those steep, tall , and craggy peaks that stirs every freaking soul.


It made me think of the mountains in the trading world. Maisingit lang diba. 😛 I just wonder about the forces that make some stocks fly high.

I wish I were able to ride a stock and as it formed to becoming a huge mountain. Sarap! I would probably able to see the top as the sun rose above. The future would be bright. Very bright. I’ll get there.

Well Paps, How are mountains formed?

Mountains can be made in many different ways. Some mountains (penny mountains) are formed as a result of tectonic plates smashing together. That action makes the crust of the earth crumple. Those crumples are the mountain ranges.


Same goes with stocks. Most of you are pro’s, but for a beginner like me it takes a very keen observation to have a grasp of what makes the prices of a stock go deeper or higher on a certain day with or without catalysts. I am also not a good observer, though, maybe I should stop writing this, though. 😛

2016-04-20_16-51_Maybank Online Chart

As the mountains are being prepared to be set,  the Jockeys — they are emotional experts, the Bodegers — they hoard stocks, and the Bottom fishers — they buy at the bottom (sila ung maraming bala at matyaga din sila) initiate the earthquakes. Those quakes initiate the series of smashes so the folds of prices would grow higher till it reaches Mars.

We, given our small capital, will just wait for them to do the breakout and ride all the way to the top.


Make a choice to sell at a profit or do a free fall.  That’s the start of the mountain making.

Those players have their spare money to buy at higher prices to attract buyers. The buyers would probably be us — hungry for a roller coaster ride. Since, they are able to buy the stock at the bottom, they would be willing to feed us-the hungry buyers longing to see the shining sun on the top with some portion they called as pain. They would feed us until we get choked. But, the late eaters will experience a different story. They haven’t eaten enough and still they will have to vomit more than they just have eaten. Just my observation.


Behold, the formation of a mountain requires time. Focusing and a keen observing are no joke.  Walang kukurap. Still, mountains will undergo erosion,  some shaky earthquakes and weathering (hyping). Bwhala! There you have it, a mountain.

“Eat or be eaten.”-Zeefreaks

2016-04-20_14-28_Maybank Online Chart

How can I be unshakable when riding as the mountain forms? I asked.

They said, “Be prepared, mentally and most of all emotionally.”

Huh? Seriously?

Until I met $NOW. Check it’s weekly, daily, hourly, and 1 to 30 minute charts. This stock has taught me a lot about minute trading. I did a lot of mistakes here and I declare that I won’t be doing those mistakes again. Please sana hindi na noh.  $NOW, I look forward to some other mistakes to come. 😀


The red erosion of fear, helping the beautiful mountain would probably seem to flow endlessly. Yeah, it would seem endless to those who can’t see and move. Been there and still in there. lels

The pain is with me.


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