Philippine Stock Market

Friday is about to end. Yey! I’m feeling energized because my office mate bought me a cone of the black ice cream from Lawson that I have been craving for weeks. Because of it, here’s another blog post. Hahaha Well, as if someone is really reading my blog :(. By the way, this will be short since the ice cream is melting fast. 😀

Investing in the stock market is really easy. It’s as easy as 1 2 3.

These are the three simple steps to start investing in the Philippine Stock Market:


Choose and select an online broker that you would use to trade stocks. Sometimes these brokers provide free seminars for you to have a better understanding of how the stock market works. We also have human brokers but they are not common nowadays.

Here are some online brokers you can choose from:

2016-04-29_23-10_COL Financial

COL Financials

2016-04-29_23-12_Maybank ATR Kim Eng

Make Trade

2016-04-29_23-18_Timson Securities


2016-04-29_23-19_Philstocks Trade.jpg





Fund your account not below the minimum amount that the broker had set. The instructions of how to fund your account are given on the websites. Some brokers like COL, Utrade, and Philstocks have the minimum fund deposit of 5,000 petots.  Just wait for your fund to reflect on your account. It’s fast normally. Well, in my broker (MakeTrade), it is. I just don’t know with the others.

Third and last:

Buy your first stock. It would be better to buy blue chip stocks if you’re just starting. Blue chip stocks are stocks of the thirty stable companies here in our beloved country. We also have the second liner stocks and the third liners stocks which I am lazy to discuss on this blog post. As you go through your investing journey you would learn those things. Clue: those stocks sometimes fly  but when they do they devour, you’ll surely cry. 😉

You may want to visit this page to learn more about the companies in the market.

2016-04-29_23-40_Dividends and Rights


Love your hard-earned money. Better to invest in knowledge first. Don’t do what I did. 


(Em done licking my melting ice cream! So messy Lels!)

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