Random Acts Of Kindness in Sibale, Romblon

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.

2 Corinthians 8:12

Frequent times, our gratitude to others and to God is the source of random acts of kindness that we human beings cannot explain. Thanks to Zeefreaks and the tribe, the fire within me to help others as they help me was lit again.

The act of kindness is contagious that you may be passing it to others without really knowing it. Science says that gratitude is proven to boost a person’s well-being and happiness. Maybe, it also attributes to our urge of giving back since it also gives us the power to make a difference. It can also be moving and rewarding when you see someone or something benefiting from your help. It is like an instant improvement that you have achieved. I guess it is like making a blog. This blog doesn’t physically give me something back in return after spending a lot of times in editing and pouring out all my thoughts and ideas, but I can’t explain the reward when my mother and the others laugh when they read it. That was the same feeling we felt in Sibale, Romblon. It was even more remarkable than ever!

I was about to dance upon reading this! lalalala ♪♫♪

Fourteen travelers, including myself, who didn’t know each other, were gathered for a goal and that’s to give back the gratitude that was given to us. That was the time the project “EDIKOOL” came to life. It aimed to give aid to Sibale students by giving school supplies.

Without the ten hour travel, we wouldn’t be able to see the hopes, the joy, the smiles, and the lives  of each kid in the island. It was all worth it.

Credit to Mrs. Annabelle
Credit to Ms. Daph


Last December 15, 2015, typhoon Nona devastated the island that left tremendous marks but it hasn’t received an ample amount of help to reconstruct their schools. That’s why we were really moved to help even only just the kids as much as possible to bring the fire burning despite of what happened to their beloved learning places.

Not only that, the island doesn’t have it’s own market where you can buy  things a student needs for school. They still have to take a two hour boat ride to Pinamalayan Market that is located in Oriental Mindoro. Woaahh. Take note, the main market is two hours away. Shocks!

Here are some photos of the schools in the island:





The random act of kindness was held on May 20th to 22nd of 2016 and it would not be possible without the donations given by our friends, office-mates, relatives and the people who have a great passion in helping the kids to be sent to school. The team was able to raise almost eighty thousand pesos to give six hundred plus students a sling bag containing: six notebooks, two ball pens, one pad paper, two pencils, one crayon, one sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, a pair of scissors, one soap, a toothbrush and a sachet of toothpaste.









To the people in the island, it was our privilege to help. Thank you for letting us feel the joy. Thank you for letting us see the beauty of your place and for the warm welcome you’d given us. You also helped us to enjoy life even more.


fsg sg.png




To Miss. Annabelle F. who supported us all throughout the event, thank you so much, to the organizer of the event, Mr. Bernard M. kudos to you, to all  the volunteers and the peers I made during the event cheers tayo, and lastly, to GOD who made us capable of giving, loving and caring, thank YOU po. This is such a very life changing experience. I was not the same person when I came back to Manila. I’m looking forward for more random acts of kindness to come. Let’s pass the culture of giving even through small things.

To God Be The glory.

Ps. To the boy who offered us a song. Thank you! Muah!


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Behind The Scene

Okay, please brace yourselves because I will be sharing you a story that I have never told anyone about. As am I’m writing this, one of my stocks is diving and to be honest I want to let it be. It’s fun to dive anyway but  I’m not noob dear. It’s a part of my plan. Anyway, here’s the story. 

When I was in college, I got into a major production, not as a person in the backstage but one of the characters. All that time, I was, as always, at the backstage, helping the actors doing their makeup thingy and doing the stage design with the other staff.  When I got the chance to act, I was so glad. My role was so vital, I guess. I was an ensemble without a name, who sang with the other ensembles. Yeah, I was not the lead role but it was a dream come true that finally I would be seen by my parents and friends on stage acting with the other lead roles. I never minded that there were only six of us when we auditioned for the role and we all got in. Actually, they still looked for more ensembles. What a coincidence!

For me, acting on stage was so much of a glamour. I just liked the image of the spotlight that at some point was focused on me. However, the culture was more than far than I expected it to be, I mean the process of being one of the ensembles. I was like a soloist that time. I mean, my voice usually went solo. You would hear me loudly even though we sang together as one. Hahaha. It was really frustrating knowing that I tried my best but because I was pressured and nervous, I was not able to do well.  Everyone in the circle was bothered that I might not get the tune even up until the last rehearsal. If that happened, I would be cut off in the production after so many sleepless nights and bothering days of practicing. The pressure was real. Day after day, I was already convinced that my reality would never come. So, I stopped fantasizing it. I stopped attending rehearsals and that was the end of it. 

I realized that I was just so much in love with the outcome— the image of me on stage, my parents being proud, the crowd clapping, me rocking out as I was pouring out my emotions into what I was portraying— but sadly, I was not in love with the process and so I quit. That was the struggle involving the fact that everyday, my surroundings reminded me of being a quitter. Deep inside, I knew could do it if and only if I pushed harder enough. Unhappily, I didn’t.

The truth was far less interesting than I thought it would be: I thought I wanted something, but it turned out I didn’t, really. End of story; however, my "what ifs" never ended.

I knew it would make me happy. However, happiness requires you to give something in return. It’s equal to your effort, struggles and most importantly— passion.

They say that you learn not from your positive experiences. You get benefits from the costs you pay. It’s not enough to want something enough, it’s also important you enjoy the process of wanting, through thick and thin, through ups and downs. Wow, maybe this is the sign that I’m getting more matured. Big word!

The Road To Happiness by Leonid Alfremov

I’m not a college student anymore. I get tougher, wiser, and bolder in a world of more. In the phase of life that I’m in, being a trader, investor or whatever I call myself, the realization still bangs in my head. Gaining more in trading is winning. Everyone is happy to gain. That’s the goal after all. Traders mesmerize having a six digit gain in just one sitting, who else does not? Right? Right? EVERYONE in the fora or on Facebook groups wants to have amazing portfolio gains– but NOT EVERYONE is WILLING to have large amount of losses. Everybody wants financial freedom– but NOT EVERYONE is WILLING to offer time in learning things to make them financially independent and NOT EVERYONE is WILLING to  have the lifestyle that they can just afford. Everybody wants to ride soaring stocks every time– but NOT EVERYONE is WILLING to burn the midnight candle in spotting a winning stock, to eat charts, and to go through the emotional and psychological disturbance to get there and so they settle to their level, asking what good stocks to buy. Edi WOW!

Sometimes these lines come to my mind:

I want to be her...    
       to be him...
       to be that ginyouz...
       to be that shaman...
       to be that gain photo-shopper... LoL 

Most of the time, all I want is to be ME at least. Dreaming of having the same gains they have, but am I really willing to go through the struggles they went through? 

It's because for that reason, I am going to be defined by the values that I'm just willing  to struggle for.

So if I were to ask a question to each trader or investor, I would not ask the question, “What do you want out in your trading journey?” The answers would probably much the same as the others. Answers like, “I want to be financially independent,” “Having more time with my family without sacrificing the finances or work,” “Travelling around the world while my money is working for me,” and so on. They would probably have a common rhythm. Instead, I would ask, “How much pain can you bear?” “How much losses can you take?” and “What struggles are you willing to go through?” Their answers would surely blend in the game. Interesting! 

It has been three weeks when I started my formal training in Technical Analysis so to speak. It’s never easy in my part and in my mentor’s part. Given our different time zones and work schedules, you won’t really imagine us having a class at four in the morning, Manila time, but we do. I feel even more grateful when I know that my mentor really had a bad day but still handled the class so well. The frustrations are so real when I cannot really make both ends meet in terms of my focus in other things that I do since I still have my freaking full time job and other responsibilities. I just get frustrated that’s it, I won’t complain. Never. I love every part of where I’m heading. Muah!

The time when I badly wanted something back in college was really different today. I am ready to face any hindrances that may come. It might be my own frustrations, ego, personal schedule, slow Internet connection and sleepless nights. Name it I’m in! For I know that it’s worth more that gold, I won’t go back in my “what if days” when things got harder and I surrendered. 

By the way,  this was my portfolio in my practical exam:

(ZS/AOTS/PUA/Combination of all MA set ups and Osmosis)


At first, my mentor and I just had casual classes. He would open the topic, ask creative questions that made me think like I’m of them then give me homework. As the classes go by, I can say that our mentor and mentee relationship is getting more interesting.  He just laughed like this “haha” before. Nowadays, he’s able to have his laugh this long, “hahahahaha” when something really funny comes out in the class. Yeah, I consider that. LOL. He was also able to commend me when I got a stock that I bought on May 17th and it gave me a seven percent gain. That was a music to my ears though. I want to improve badly and I want him to be proud of me. Those surely add points to my desire to be successful.

Then my portfolio looks  like this now. 


I don’t want to justify my loses. It’s all my will but I’m not pleased with it, of course. My mentor didn’t say anything about it anyway, since he’s also busy with his trades. I’m all good.

I foresee many struggles, sleepless nights, and huge amount of losses in the future to come. How about you? Have you chosen your struggles? Make sure to choose them wisely. 

Styled Thoughts 03: Climb Margo!

Climb Margo!

Twenty third of October, when you first climbed
Through the ticks of life
You grooved,  you shaked
You jumped, you  twisted

You ran, you moved
You rocked, you ruled
Then suddenly, you stumbled
You cried, you stopped

Now I tell you!
Climb, Margo, climb
Til you get what you want
Yes! Til you wonder not

In the mountains, bears don’t smile
Climb Margo, climb
To sweat is just fine
Believe you will still survive

Til your feet get tired
Til your eyes get dry
Climb Margo, climb
Believe me, you will smile

The mountain is never endin’
But your passion is never fadin’
Climb Margo, climb
You know, you’ll survive

Twenty fifth of April
Margo keeps to climb en climb
To her, life will just be a glimpse
With the goal in her eyes



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My Beginnings Continue- Bastard Reporting

How’s my bastard?
-Galahad, ZFT

That quote above does not mean anything to you, my dear reader, but it means a lot to me. It means the world to me, rather. Someone, I didn’t know personally just called me a BASTARD. To those who do not know what a bastard is, here you go.


The meanings of the chosen word are almost heart breaking. Imagine being called as a bastard. You would probably have your furious nose bursting because of anger or have your fists clenched getting ready for a strong face landing. Hahaha. Don’t worry, you are normal. But instead of having those normal reactions,  I felt happy and secured, really. Hey! I’m also normal, I’m sure. 😉 I just thought that someone was out there to rescue me from ignorance and my hero just called me a bastard with his tender voice. That’s it, nothing personal.


Well, I think, having some bastards for Zeefreaks aims to reach out for lost traders who can not afford the ZFT program like me. Why and what for? I don’t know. Why would they spend their precious time on me? I, who don’t have much to offer. Why?  I don’t know. I, who is not capable of offering them anything except from my bright smile, which they can’t probably sell. Why? I don’t know. Is there any hidden agenda? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.


Please understand my whys because I am not well oriented to the world of stocks mentoring and offering their precious strategies to someone who doesn’t have anything but a smile. 😀

It puzzles me a lot but I’m not really dying to know. Why? Because there’s no free lunch. Do you want to know what that lunch is? It’s their RAK (Random Acts Of Kindness). How can trolls be so good? I don’t know. *Insert tears here*  Tissue please.

Click here for more info and here  as well as here  for some examples.

All they want to me to do is give back to the community. That’s all. Seriously? That’s all? I guess. My mentor didn’t ask me anything prior to my RAK. Yeah, that’s all. It’s a pleasure to be a part of it.

After some time of having muni-muni, I just thought of something and I also want you to think of it. Imagine the change it would bring to the world if all traders who posted their “braggable” and “unkabogable” ports helped to make our society a better place to live.  Ohhh… Nice, right? Well, it could not be mandatory. Just imagine. What do you think? Comment below. Those acts of kindness may be small and unnoticeable but remember that SMALL IS BIG.

You see and hear about all these people bragging about their profits. I wonder how much they’re giving to their community?

I really don’t have anything to lose. What is the weight of helping others in exchange to some efforts you give for the fulfillment you get as a human being? Well… well… well…

How could I not be committed to them? How could I take them for granted? How could I not adore them. Tell me how? Hhhhooowww???


The day I became a bastard…

It was just an ordinary day. I got ready for work and left the house early. Around nine o’clock in the morning, I checked my portfolio with VITA and FNI on it. No wonder, it was still bloody. I just had nothing in mind except from my  favorite strategies: hold and hope. Nice.

Suddenly, one very mysterious fictional character rocked my world and just poked me a message at around three to four o’clock in the afternoon. The who itey? It was Zeefreaks! Yeeaaahhh! As of now, I’m still shouting inside because of my delight. Whoooaahh… Oppss! Sorry about that.

Shocking to the highest power! “Did I just read a message from Zee?” I asked myself. I read it again for about ten times and for the last time I read it loudly. Luckily, no one shouted back at me in the office because of that. When I got back to my senses, I hurriedly replied with my port unshaded as he instructed me to do.






If this was given to you, would you waste it? Oh! Come on!

I’m fully in without reservations. Rock the world!

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