Random Acts Of Kindness in Sibale, Romblon

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.

2 Corinthians 8:12

Frequent times, our gratitude to others and to God is the source of random acts of kindness that we human beings cannot explain. Thanks to Zeefreaks and the tribe, the fire within me to help others as they help me was lit again.

The act of kindness is contagious that you may be passing it to others without really knowing it. Science says that gratitude is proven to boost a person’s well-being and happiness. Maybe, it also attributes to our urge of giving back since it also gives us the power to make a difference. It can also be moving and rewarding when you see someone or something benefiting from your help. It is like an instant improvement that you have achieved. I guess it is like making a blog. This blog doesn’t physically give me something back in return after spending a lot of times in editing and pouring out all my thoughts and ideas, but I can’t explain the reward when my mother and the others laugh when they read it. That was the same feeling we felt in Sibale, Romblon. It was even more remarkable than ever!

I was about to dance upon reading this! lalalala ♪♫♪

Fourteen travelers, including myself, who didn’t know each other, were gathered for a goal and that’s to give back the gratitude that was given to us. That was the time the project “EDIKOOL” came to life. It aimed to give aid to Sibale students by giving school supplies.

Without the ten hour travel, we wouldn’t be able to see the hopes, the joy, the smiles, and the lives  of each kid in the island. It was all worth it.

Credit to Mrs. Annabelle
Credit to Ms. Daph


Last December 15, 2015, typhoon Nona devastated the island that left tremendous marks but it hasn’t received an ample amount of help to reconstruct their schools. That’s why we were really moved to help even only just the kids as much as possible to bring the fire burning despite of what happened to their beloved learning places.

Not only that, the island doesn’t have it’s own market where you can buy  things a student needs for school. They still have to take a two hour boat ride to Pinamalayan Market that is located in Oriental Mindoro. Woaahh. Take note, the main market is two hours away. Shocks!

Here are some photos of the schools in the island:





The random act of kindness was held on May 20th to 22nd of 2016 and it would not be possible without the donations given by our friends, office-mates, relatives and the people who have a great passion in helping the kids to be sent to school. The team was able to raise almost eighty thousand pesos to give six hundred plus students a sling bag containing: six notebooks, two ball pens, one pad paper, two pencils, one crayon, one sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, a pair of scissors, one soap, a toothbrush and a sachet of toothpaste.









To the people in the island, it was our privilege to help. Thank you for letting us feel the joy. Thank you for letting us see the beauty of your place and for the warm welcome you’d given us. You also helped us to enjoy life even more.


fsg sg.png




To Miss. Annabelle F. who supported us all throughout the event, thank you so much, to the organizer of the event, Mr. Bernard M. kudos to you, to all  the volunteers and the peers I made during the event cheers tayo, and lastly, to GOD who made us capable of giving, loving and caring, thank YOU po. This is such a very life changing experience. I was not the same person when I came back to Manila. I’m looking forward for more random acts of kindness to come. Let’s pass the culture of giving even through small things.

To God Be The glory.

Ps. To the boy who offered us a song. Thank you! Muah!


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