Emotional Trading? Yes Please!

I have been floating nowadays, thinking which the worse one is; planning without execution or execution without planning. Hmmm..whutchatink?

Hallucination is what I have when I plan without execution. I tend to make plans to at least five stocks and forget them eventually. Well, it’s not intentional. It’s just that I get overwhelmed to all the stocks in the market which have good set ups but I know I won’t be able to trade them. The main reason, self doubt. Then, that’s it, those stocks that I just made plans with just flew and the price action just reached that level that I thought it would reach. Viola. Iyak nalang chit.

My Brain and this!


My famous lines you asked?

"I knew it."
"I told you so." 
"Kasi naman eh! Tsk tsk"
"(walang line, naka nga-nga lang)"

Wit is what I don’t have when I trade without a plan and trade without following the plan. Ohhh, I didn’t say that I don’t have anything when I do those. I just have this very huge firing ball of emotion that can wipe every single grass on the grass land and set everything on fire. Viola, expect a very red portfolio if not a minute after, it must be a day after because of a witless move. A coincidence? Not really. Just plainly foolishness.

William-Shakespeare-014.pngOhhh!! Why so hard William Shakespeare?

My famous lines you asked again?

"Why is execution so hard like YOU?"
"Why can't we be the two of us?"
or just simply
"Aw! deym"

My trades lately are becoming full of emotions. I feel bad not really because I lose money but because of feeling not in control of my emotions. Em I harsh with myself? Hmmm sort of. Please tell me how to be a cyborg. Pleeatthh…

I bought my first tranche of PX at 7.38 and the next tranche must be on the next breakout but it didn’t happen because I fell asleep. DANG! I ended up chasing for my second tranche so my port became…

The plan was trend following since it broke  its 52 week high. However I sold it at 8.49   last Monday because of the song Shake it off! Shake it off! Yeah! It’s still sold at a gain but then again a plan is a plan. It was also the same with EW.

Last Monday, June 13, I bought a stock because I had cash. I had a feeling that it would go up. Now, this is my port.

The plan was just on my mind. Sadly, I adjusted the plan hoping that it would go far above. Yes, it went far just…below. LELS. What’s happening to me? Why am I hyping myself? I should have hyped my mentor! LOL. If I could. Dang!

Hi,  Sir Galahad! Thank you for the moral support earlier.

Now look at this, it was yesterday, June 14.





Swak sa banga. Look at the candle today, June 15, 2016. What I told myself was, “Oh you’re right but you didn’t have positions! Nga Nga!”

After all, planning without execution is just hallucination.

Should I ban myself again and have some muni-muni?

Stay put. I’ll be right back. ROAR!


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Sometimes I feel quite smart. Other times I have to sing the "A,B, C's" in my head to remember which letter comes next. That's me.

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