Touched By Them

How does it feel to be mentored under the Zee Freaks Tribe?

In case you just want to know my dearest readers, to be mentored by one of the tribe’s finest traders feels like having a chance out of one million people trading in the stock market. I have never felt so lucky in my life before that remarkable message from Boss Zee popped up on my messenger. But, you know what? It is not all that matters most. I thought being one of them would be so much of a glamour, it’s just one of their faces. Well, that’s pretty awesome. Right? There is one face of them that has touched me from head to toe. It’s them making every trader be humbled upon what they should value the most.

Their act of kindness is all-encompassing by any means, I do feel like it is a very powerful thing that, when it’s done, it can completely change a person’s outlook of life and the circumstances that he or she is dealing with on a day-to-day basis. It’s like looking at things in the same spot but you see different angles.

I had this conversation with my handsome mentor, (noks! sip sip lang :3 I haven’t seen him actually lels) and he said this…

2016-07-05_12-28_Isiah Matthew Go

Wow! He would send a student to college! Woah lang talaga. I remember my college days when I was striving to finish my undergraduate degree in Manila having an average allowance of eighty pesos on my pocket. My food, transportation, computer rentals, xerox expenses and everything were included there, take note I went home every day from the province to school. Thanks to the blessings for I was able to survive. Imagine how helping deserving students could change everything in them.

Ever since the bastard program has started I always feel so proud and grateful at the same time. Proud that I have been given the power to somehow change the world. Grateful that I know I am not worthy of the blessings but still it was given to me. Thank you Lord.

After my Romblon trip two months ago, a friend of mine from the church asked me why my skin got darker. I said that I went to a province and volunteered to give school supplies to over six hundred students. I showed her pictures and eventually our conversation got a lot of whys. I explained to her why I was doing stuff like that nowadays. She’s not a trader nor an investor but she always volunteers as well since that’s her job. To make the long story short, I just woke up one day having another chance of doing a random act of kindness with the collaboration of a church nearby my place. They just got fascinated with the idea of us helping people just to touch lives and pay-it-forward. Whut? Yeah seriously! That’s the ZFT experience!


I just got my first organized event gathering over 60 students last June 4th of 2016 to distribute some school supplies. I’ve never been so happy to be used as a channel.


It was held in Brgy. Olaes GMA, Cavite wherein the residents were relocated from different places in Metro Manila.


It was so fulfilling to see a lot of eyes smiling and giggling as they receive their precious gifts.





I also didn’t let the opportunity to pass without having a soulful lesson that they could keep coming from a person who was once a student with talents like them. I intended them to listen to a story from the bible which was the…



I hope and I pray that these kids of our future generation would use their God given talents to help others as they walk to their destined path.

I super thank the people who helped me all throughout the event. You know who you are. I know that you guys don’t know this blog LOL or what ZFT is all about but we agreed to our common  language of love. Maybe someday, you guys will come across this blog post and see your pictures posted here but I want to say sorry in advance since I had to make your faces covered LELS para terno terno tayo. Love you guys! Muah!


That's how it feels like to be touched by them. 


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      1. I like your blog Paftee…inspiring. Yes I will try po. Continue inspiring us. Can’t wait for your August posts 🙂


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