The Invisible That Causes The Visible

I do believe that every monster trader had undergone the battle of conquering oneself. Asking whether if trading was really for them or not. Criticizing and doubting themselves whether they would ever be good traders someday or not. Making contents in their diary like,


was just a drama that never ended, even the market was up. Then again, they kept on trying. Their perseverance brought them to where they are right now.


After the Bastard program had ended on July  18th of 2016, after so many cutting losses, and after all the trades that performed well, I was able to come up with my own style that will somehow make my portfolio greendy and floppy. Hahahaha However, that’s not what I’m gonna share to you guys, maybe on the next blog post when I already see the fruit of it. I’m still refining my personal ZFT style of trading you know.

On the process, I learned a lot about the things that are invisible within me. The things that make me who I am as a trader. The invisible things that make the values in my portfolio aside from the strategies that are taught to me by my beloved mentor.

  1. No rush folks. Trading is not a race. It’s a journey. Most of the time, pressure is real when everyone is able to ride that ceiling stock of the day and you’re not. That’s why trade on your own phase. If you’re not able to study the charts then you might as well consider having cash as a position rather than pushing a trade that does not fit your style. Instead of focusing on the emotion you felt  because were not able to ride that milky stock, dissect it and study what you missed. Unresolved issues in the past will haunt you.
  2. Stay calm. “Keep your cool” a line I overheard from Marc. I personally dance whenever entering a stock that breaks out or feel sad then stay at the corner when it goes the other way. I just learned to stay calm hmmm… I’m still learning it though (wag tularan).

In a planned trade, you must see the potential of its upside and its downfall so there’s nothing to worry about when you’re prepared either ways. If it’s not planned, don’t blink at the charts. Ever.

NIKLI only had NIKL and some other stocks that went lower than what I expected them to be. I sticked to my plan with NIKL even there were times that I almost got shakened, as well as the other stocks. I felt the pain when the other two stocks rallied a week after I let go of them. Also, I did a lot of mistakes with the tranches of my NIKL baby. I initially had 4.77 as my average. Still,  I feel grateful.


3. Personalized your trading style. I personally can’t look at the charts and at the ticker during trading hours. I’m  weak at breakout plays since I always get “NAE NAE”. I know that I need exposure in the market the most since I’m still learning. However, work is just crappy. That’s why I always go for sleeper plays. I always do TF  but when I do chupitas I make sure I’m single and available. LOL


I gained almost 10% in this tsupit play. Thanks to my alarm clock for I was able to sell LRW just on time. I wasn’t able to print-screen it. So sad. It’s my first successful tsupeet eh. 😦

4. Check your emotional state. Don’t trade if you’re not well emotionally. Even you’re equipped with awesome strategies, you might do foolish acts on your portfolio that you will not probably do if you’re in a proper way of thinking. Promise, you won’t like it when you trade having a love problem or something. LELS.

5. Remember your Whys in trading. Struggles and pressure always come along the way. Your whys will keep you on track.

2016-07-25_23-55_ZeefreaksOne of my whys is getting out of the rat race. Travelling while trading like a boss, like Boss Zee is the other. For me to achieve them, I just have to move forward. I may do things over and over again, but then again repetition is the mother of all skills. CHAO!


I was up when the program got finished. Yey! I love ZFT. Thank you Sir IMG! Imba. How to be you po? LOL

I would like to say hi to my brothas on the outside, Khalet and Val! Bakas bakas tayo.


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