Two Key Points I Learned From The Rift Live

I know that you are dying to hear how the event went and what Boss Zee was like. However, I would not be focusing about the valuable fictional characters in the tribe as the title gave what this delayed blog post of mine would be all about. 



To give your hungry thoughts a feed,  The Big Boss was not one of the speakers, he didn’t even hold the microphone and showed up in public. I was also waiting for him to show up and among those big shadows on stage, I was not able to recognize his. He was all behind the scene observing and lurking. He was just watching us.

Faceless hooded anonymous computer hacker



It was around 7:10 in the morning when a not super funny flying thing landed to the Queen City Of The South. I was at the peak of my excitement to fulfill two of my goals: to learn and to meet the big boss for the very first time. It was also the day my weary soul had been waiting for. The day I decided that I was on my own. No one to rely on. No one to depend on.

Experiencing big losses had made me numb while challenges in my personal life were filing up. As a bastard, I felt so much of a failure. *insert tears here*  The nights got longer and I could not help but to sleep since my eyes could just afford to rest and were not able to lay even a drop of tear. I had started questioning the universe if trading was really for me, seeking an excuse that may be I was not born to be a trader.

Awww… you said that in your head. LOL


Like everybody else, I went to learn what the speakers were about to share. Having the leap of faith that maybe that trip would change my unmotivated thoughts. I withdrew a portion of my wounded portfolio and grabbed the opportunity to be there and now, after some time of having muni-muni, I would be sharing the two thoughts I got from the event.

Here are the 2 major key points I learned from The Rift:

I should prepare to fail and why

Even I had been taught by one of the most refined traders in the tribe, I hadn’t established the routine that a disciplined trader does. Okay, please don’t wrinkle your forehead dear. I’m just being honest for not being so disciplined. I hope you don’t find yourself on my shoes coz if you do, I’m 100% sure that you’re having tough times right now in the the market. 


In the morning, I usually visited few charts hoping to find some good stocks to buy. Once I bought a position, (of course, I already saw some potentials on buying it and I already created a plan in my head) I had a tendency to change my plan depending on the play that a specific stock I thought should be played even though it wasn’t the plan I had before IN MY HEAD. Emotions were also on the table. To give you an example, try to trade after you stalk your ex’s new boyfriend or your hook up’s whereabouts because he’s not interested to you anymore, you would know what I was talking about. BOOM.


Emotions should not affect your reasons for buying or selling. 

-ZFT Alpha Centauri from The Rift Live

Feeling so much of a genius, I just thought it would work but as everyone testified before me, it just prepared my trades to fail.

“Trade with an edge, master that edge and apply that edge consistently.”

– ZFT Mesino from The Rift Live

I knew that I hadn’t established what kind of trader I am and as so my edge hadn’t been mastered. I usually changed my system from time to time. As a result, I tried many trades and I failed without tracking where I did wrong. Dreaming of becoming a profitable trader just by randomly clicking the mouse wouldn’t work that way. Keeping notes of my trades is really a tedious job but there’s no other way. Monitoring inconsistently because of many excuses would just make my portfolio suffer consistently.

There, there.


Note to self: Be consistent in making your trading routine!


Not everyone would trade and why

When I was in college, I always thought about my graduation day. The day that I would finally be given me a chance to present myself as a degree holder and would outsmart everyone that were not a graduate in shitty job interviews. I was wrong… very wrong. Coming from a not so financially literate family, life had been so tough. After two years, when I learned about trading, I said to myself, “I could do that. There would be no other faster way to get my dreams come true.” 

Not to blame the culture at which made me who I had become, I realized that I was fed to seek after my ever perfect professors so that they can judge my performance and to study some answers for the exams that I would wash out in my head after a week. Summing it up, those were freakin’ly after building a resume and getting a job. Trading is super not like that yoh.


In trading, any weakness in character is shown and magnified under stress. It sounds vague, but extremely few hoomans ever develop a personal responsibility to a level deep enough to trade successfully and consistently. Trading is not something that a person is born with, it must be learned.

Trading is fifty percent strategy and the other half is in the mindset.

-ZFT Kidlat 

Trading requires independent decision making skills, oozing observational skills, and the inner maturity that would make you disciplined enough to carry losses and would make you consistently perform at a gain in the market that no school has ever offered.

 Em getting serious here huh.

Now, how many of you get turned down by anyone when you decided to be a trader? I may sound vague if your true desire in trading  is rooted beyond making money. There is a BIG difference between why most people desire money and desiring money.  But how does one sort this out in their 20’s before a mortgage, spouse, kids are strapped on their back?  When there are family and friends all advising to “grow up and get a real job”?  And it’s so much less work to just find a rich hot boyfriend/girlfriend to improve one’s self esteem, social peer standing and external validation (what most are really looking for). Most do not have a reason strong enough to persist – they just want to LOOK GOOD. The same reason why most go to the gym and work out.  They’re not training for the Olympic Trials or maintaining a health regimen – they are there to become more attractive so they can appear more successful in life (via halo effect) and hopefully have more flirty potential prospects. Let’s be truly honest – most traders wash out because their reason(s) for trading is superficial.  (Just as most will stop working out at the gym after they’re married).


Ohhh that one was looong…

As a beginner, I have also dreamed of being rich as what others say I would be in trading stocks. I should admit that. I have also heard, read and learned those too good to be true promises about the market from FB groups hyping newbees only to ask for subscriptions (2k lang daw a month oh), from a friend who accidentally saw a potential on ION last year but wasn’t able to ride even a candle of it, from a stock guru who sent me an email asking for a 70,000 petots worth of his mentorship but giving plagiarized materials, from a seminar that had speakers who showed slides about stocks which flew a thousand percent gains this year just to encourage new first bloods and a lot more dear. Please, I would be so irritated if you add more to that list 😛

Don’t imagine what my face looked like when GURU X showed his slide of DAVIN with  a 4000% gain this year in a seminar I attended recently.


(…so GURU X you’re saying whut?)

You know what… those are ironically at odds with trading. It definitely requires isolation and focus. ISOLATION and FOCUS. Isolation to know thyself better and focus to filter the important details you want to see in the charts or whatever you are using in trading.


Of course, everyone wants more money and it seems excellent to sit at home in their pajamas, clicking your fancy mouse with a good booby mouse pad, making millions. However, what does it really take to acquire the skills to actually do it consistently, every day for a career, long enough to accumulate wealth?

 You know,  everything comes with a price and the question is. What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?

ZFT Akio from The Rift Live

So why everyone won’t pursue trading in the market you ask? That question lies with WHY people do the things that they do.

My questions had never been fed and my melancholic self had never been cheered until a rock woke me up from drowning in my nightmares. I would like to thank the people behind The ZeeFreaks Tribe for passing some sort of energy that I can’t explain. My life would never be the same after The Rift Live and as I end this blog post I want to leave you with this quote from Sir Henry Tan.

Replace heavy losses with determination, depression with persistence, doubting the system with discipline and lack of time with passion.

-ZFT Henry Tan from The Rift Live



Be, Do, and Have

I want to start my new blog post with an activity that I find related to every aspect of my life. It may be into trading, career, businesses or relationships. It may sound vague and I may sound like a creepy stupid but I want to share it with you guys who just waited two months for me to release a new writing. Sorry for that.

My excuses you may ask?

I have been out of focus these past few months and everything in me got affected. There were a lot of tough times  that shot my trading psychology, relationship with my family and the quality of service that I offer to my day job that keeps me alive as of the moment. These past few days, I realized that I had fallen into a super duper unhealthy pattern of me, being worried that I might do the same mistake or another mistake that won’t make me rise up again. I find myself cynical about everything even more in trading.

As a result…


Whenever I am stressed out, I usually hanker down and feel unworthy of achieving my dreams for the mistakes I just committed. I also just feel unworthy to share every thought and emotion I have had for it’s  always been repetitive and the people who keep on hearing it can’t bear it anymore. Like duh… Anyway here you are right now and reading my excuses. 😛


Let me redeem myself and let’s both reflect to this activity I got from a respected man whom I adore.

 DO |  HAVE  |  BE

See those words?

We have  BE, DO and HAVE. Let’s organize those words into how we think they should be organized.

Ready? Nope? Okay fine!

You can have one of the  following orders:







You can comment your order in the comment section below. Promise this will definitely struck you into whatever you’re doing right now, moreover, in trading.


Any arrangement means something about how a person act. When I had this exercise, I got the order DO | HAVE | BE.

For me, I have to do the things that will give me what I want to have so that I can be the person that I want to be.

But he replied…

Most people think, “If I DO what I need to do, I’ll get what I want to HAVE, then I can be the person I’ve always dreamed of BEing”.

He continued…

 “I can guarantee you that you would indefinitely struggle most of the time, and fail the majority of the time.”

At the back of my head I was like, OMG!! All those times I was like that but HOW COME HE SAID THAT?

I kept on charting,planning and cutting or profit taking to have whether gains or learnings to be the trader that I wanted to be so that I could have the future that I wanted for my family.

Sounds fine right? It sounds mouthful and it makes sense.

He added…

“How about at first BE what you want (a profitable trader, a peaceful person, a loving jowa, a successful businessman, or whatever), then  start DOING things from this state of BEING and soon you’ll  discover that you are bringing the things you have always wanted to HAVE. The people who always do things first without the state of his being always fail because they get lost in the process since they don’t know the direction of what they’re doing.

Be | DO | Have

By “BEING” someone you want to be, name it (a consistently profitable trader) you will begin “DOING” things differently which will allow you to “HAVE” things you never would have had if you were running the process as a do-havebe paradigm.

It has opened my eyes to the things that I have been doing wrong.

“You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” – Zig Ziglar

Upon realizing that, I know there’s still a lot things that I should ponder about. What were the other things that I missed in the process of why I do the things that I do? I envy the people who have profound understanding of themselves for their eyes are fixed of their BEs.

What are your thoughts?


Keep walking. Keep swimming. Keep learning. Keep breathing. Keep charting. Keep living.

Keep believing!