Be, Do, and Have

I want to start my new blog post with an activity that I find related to every aspect of my life. It may be into trading, career, businesses or relationships. It may sound vague and I may sound like a creepy stupid but I want to share it with you guys who just waited two months for me to release a new writing. Sorry for that.

My excuses you may ask?

I have been out of focus these past few months and everything in me got affected. There were a lot of tough times  that shot my trading psychology, relationship with my family and the quality of service that I offer to my day job that keeps me alive as of the moment. These past few days, I realized that I had fallen into a super duper unhealthy pattern of me, being worried that I might do the same mistake or another mistake that won’t make me rise up again. I find myself cynical about everything even more in trading.

As a result…


Whenever I am stressed out, I usually hanker down and feel unworthy of achieving my dreams for the mistakes I just committed. I also just feel unworthy to share every thought and emotion I have had for it’s  always been repetitive and the people who keep on hearing it can’t bear it anymore. Like duh… Anyway here you are right now and reading my excuses. 😛


Let me redeem myself and let’s both reflect to this activity I got from a respected man whom I adore.

 DO |  HAVE  |  BE

See those words?

We have  BE, DO and HAVE. Let’s organize those words into how we think they should be organized.

Ready? Nope? Okay fine!

You can have one of the  following orders:







You can comment your order in the comment section below. Promise this will definitely struck you into whatever you’re doing right now, moreover, in trading.


Any arrangement means something about how a person act. When I had this exercise, I got the order DO | HAVE | BE.

For me, I have to do the things that will give me what I want to have so that I can be the person that I want to be.

But he replied…

Most people think, “If I DO what I need to do, I’ll get what I want to HAVE, then I can be the person I’ve always dreamed of BEing”.

He continued…

 “I can guarantee you that you would indefinitely struggle most of the time, and fail the majority of the time.”

At the back of my head I was like, OMG!! All those times I was like that but HOW COME HE SAID THAT?

I kept on charting,planning and cutting or profit taking to have whether gains or learnings to be the trader that I wanted to be so that I could have the future that I wanted for my family.

Sounds fine right? It sounds mouthful and it makes sense.

He added…

“How about at first BE what you want (a profitable trader, a peaceful person, a loving jowa, a successful businessman, or whatever), then  start DOING things from this state of BEING and soon you’ll  discover that you are bringing the things you have always wanted to HAVE. The people who always do things first without the state of his being always fail because they get lost in the process since they don’t know the direction of what they’re doing.

Be | DO | Have

By “BEING” someone you want to be, name it (a consistently profitable trader) you will begin “DOING” things differently which will allow you to “HAVE” things you never would have had if you were running the process as a do-havebe paradigm.

It has opened my eyes to the things that I have been doing wrong.

“You’ve got to be before you can do, and do before you can have.” – Zig Ziglar

Upon realizing that, I know there’s still a lot things that I should ponder about. What were the other things that I missed in the process of why I do the things that I do? I envy the people who have profound understanding of themselves for their eyes are fixed of their BEs.

What are your thoughts?


Keep walking. Keep swimming. Keep learning. Keep breathing. Keep charting. Keep living.

Keep believing!


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Sometimes I feel quite smart. Other times I have to sing the "A,B, C's" in my head to remember which letter comes next. That's me.

10 thoughts on “Be, Do, and Have”

  1. “It is better to live for one day as a lion than 1000 days as a sheep”
    Thanks for finding time to write this article. It’s really motivating.
    Sometimes, most people focus on having something first. Thanks paf!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That just hit me like a bus on a highway!!! So, I tried the ‘exercise’ and apparently, I came up with DO-BE-HAVE. I feel like I gotta DO all sorts of crap before I can BE who I wanna be in order to HAVE the life that I think I want. Doubt overload~ that would probably lead to an epic fail~ I see it now! Thanks for this post! ^.^ It gave me a paradigm shift!


    1. Wow.. thanks Cyndrel, this lesson has been helping me in any areas of my life. So glad you’ve read it. Let’s us BE the person we have been wanting to be. Aja!


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