Beyond Price Levels

Everyone had the chance, but there were only two people left standing.

“Wing Chun!!!Wing Chun!!! Wing Chun!!!” screamed the ZFT crowd.

A Wing Chun Master from the Bastards went to go on a battle with a Swabe Master from the Invicta batch to get the title for being the calmest trader to master the rock, paper, and scissors war and of course, it was also for the name of the pot money worth I don’t know. 😛


Every one in the crowd could not hold back their support as they saw their Wing Chun Master went on a war. We witnessed some favoritism here as if we had placed a bet. hahaha

Kap was in the middle of everyone to control the ranging crowd so that the blood may not scatter on the battle field. Nice try Kap.

It was so intense.

Wing Chung Master -0
Swabe Trader-3

As the poker faced Wing Chun Master was about to be defeated…

Sir Lancelot said, “Wait! Wait! There was something magical on how this match was done. Let’s have one last blow!” 

Hoping that Master Wing Chun would regain his strenght, there came the last blow…


Everyone got their face with disappointments for the odds of the crown were not in their favor. It was a cut loss for our ever dear Wing Chun Master. OOhhhhh! There… there… You will always be forever in our hearts. 😥

Congratulations Master Swabe! That was indeed a great game!

A lot of ZFTs came from a far just to take part in the first ever ZFT Christmas Party. They were all good looking wearing their best OOTDs.


Hey folks, I was wearing white there. Guess who. 😛

Even though I was a shy-type kiddo, I met a baker, a student, a cook, an IT, an engineer, an educator, an OFW, an organizer, a manager, a doctor, a businessman, full time traders, a father and a lot more. I told you, I was a shy type, yeap! I met different faces that I didn’t imagine I would be meeting. Faces with different backgrounds but heading towards the same goal, that’s absolutely to be a consistent profitable trader with a heart coz if not, I don’t know what is. ❤

Still, I couldn’t fathom that I am a part of it. A part of something greater, a group that molds life, imparts values, and most of all, a family.


I cried.

I initially thought it was money that keeps this group alive but it’s not, absolutely not. I tell you, there are still some of us struggling in finding ourselves given that Ms. Market likes to dive for months. There are still some of us losing at the same time learning, and realizing a lot deep within ourselves but then again finding fortress under the guidance of the mentors who had been where we, newbees exactly are, is a great relief.

It’s all about the passion, the perseverance, the urge of each member to survive and live with the lovable market that we trade. It’s all about the people who support and believe in the values of The Tribe to build a better community of traders trading with a purpose. No recos, bulongs, gurus, hypes nor tips would be heard from anyone. I haven’t seen Boss Zee being furiously angry and I don’t wish to be, but those things would probably make him become and no one of us would dare to trigger.

Well, you would only hear some updates about the latest love teams of the tribe and that’s all.


It was indeed a great night to remember. I wish to witness more cakes to be cut next year and the years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks!



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Sometimes I feel quite smart. Other times I have to sing the "A,B, C's" in my head to remember which letter comes next. That's me.

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