After a few months on hiatus, I finally now have my 1st successful trade in 2017.



I was all in when it broke the 4.00 petots level (I know… churee na, I know may magagalit dyan) I was ready naman po if the trade went the other way.



This was a TP play. It was already set at the 4.70 level. I was on GTC mode nadin.


However, I also had my trail stop if 4.70 did not get hit with the way I wanted it to be hit.


I know that I’m really weak in monitoring still, em doing my all bro!


Every after the market hours I write an email and send it to myself containing my port snap and the chart of the stock em holding, so that I will constantly be reminded about the reasons I still hold the trade. This is actually an idea of Boss Zee. It might seem crazy but it helped me to have discipline in my MRS.GI trade, believe me when it reached the 4.40 and when it even broke that level on the other day, I was really dying to sell at a 12% gain.

Well, I won’t always get the perfect level and no trader will (I guess so…) but the goal is to be consistent ayt?

Moreover, it’s good that we have the EXCALIBUR na!

2017-01-10_18-34_Rooting For Celeste.jpg

I love you creative people of ZFT!


#Join ZFT

Ps. This pizza em eating tastes so good!



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Sometimes I feel quite smart. Other times I have to sing the "A,B, C's" in my head to remember which letter comes next. That's me.

5 thoughts on “MRS.GI”

  1. Nice Maam. Isa to sa mga stock na nabili ko ng narinig ko ang bodega at hinold para pag aralan ko nung nagka idea sa MA’s ng mabasa ko blog ni Boss Zee , then I decided na ibenta pra i purge ang porfolio ko pra mag start ng hindi galing sa hype :).


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