Who The Hell is Paftee?

To those who were asking for my FB¬†account, I am so sorry…I don’t usually use my troll account. I don’t even have time to browse my real account what more on my troll. LOL. I also end up reading nonsense posts for no reasons. I might also read some funda news and get hyped. ūüė¶ I try to avoid those as much as possible so that my sanity wouldn’t be taken away. I need it more please. hahaha


Also, I equate things that will matter most of my time and will have a huge impact two to five years of my existence in planet earth, that is also why I already quit my job, not because I was already freaking good at trading, I am still in the process of knowing myself…yah know, but because it does not help me in achieving my goals anymore. Instead, it hindered me to have an ample time in making my analysis and know myself in the market further.

I’m at my twenties and life without a job is hard and scary when you belong in the sandwich generation. However, life without a goal is scarier.


A teacher by profession, I was paid based on time not based on the result of how I taught. I hate it so much when, my best was not even compensated and yet others were recognized because of my work. Not to complain since I love teaching, I just felt so used. I received approximately twenty thousand a month without benefits for years minus the damages I did because of my wrong decisions concerning money. Yeap, low salary plus huge debts equals agony. Still breathing though, a good sign to put myself together again for all the mistakes I had done.

I have some questions and if you don’t mind,¬†you can give your answers in the comment section below.¬†

What would you do¬†when you’re raised without having a mindset of an investor or a wealthy person yet you have you have big dreams¬†of becoming one?

How would you still pursue trading when you failed at it not once but a lot of times and your love ones still mock you and keep reminding you about those failures and encourage you to look for a more stable job?

How would you tell the people around you that you can make it while they believe trading is a gambling and only for those with money to spare? And for them, the only way for you to be the person you want to become is to find a decent job and be faithful to the company you work with.

Moreover, how about the battle in your head that says, “Yeah, hmm…maybe they are right?”


Looking back,¬†I was lucky to be chosen by Boss Zee¬†as one¬†of the bastards. He gave me a pass to the beautiful world of good people. He is a simple man with a big heart. I admire this man so much. I was luckier to be mentored by Sir Isiah Matthew Go. He was so cool back in our session days and mind you, he has recently welcomed freedom away from the corporate slavery to become a full-time trader. And, em¬†the luckiest when I became one of Kap’s students in IMPACT¬†for free. I was able to witness her teaching live. There’s so much passion in what she does and every puzzle I had in my mind about trading was made whole because of her. She’s also beautiful.

There are so much blessings to be wasted. They don’t even equate to the challenges I have. Because of them, my future is brighter. They didn’t even ask me anything in return. I commit myself to help them with the best that I can in doing their RAKs whatever it takes not because I need to pay them back but because it always reminds me that I am blessed and there are more people who need help. It also increases my gratitude for what the Lord has made me become in spite of all the challenges I face.

I don’t only write this for my readers, if there are any LOL, to know who Paftee is but for traders who are still corporate slaves having less time and still paying debts, for employees¬†who commit themselves to fulfill their passion yet less compensated, for some who are still fighting an inner battle of failures in life and for some who simply have a dream of being financially independent.

By the way, I’m not yet trading full-time because my capital is still small but the good news is it’s the goal.

Here are my port snaps this month of February.


I suck at selling so I was just able to sell Bloom with 2% gains.

“What’s your best trade?”
“The next one.”

-ZFT Kidlat

Anyway, there are still a room from improvements so…


This time I was able to sell AT with 17% gains. I was on GTC mode and I just found out last Tuesday it got hit.


and lastly….


here’s a screenshot before the market opened earlier…


PSPC with 47% gains… woah!!!


Please do the math nalang hahaha… I was not able to capture the moment when it hit 47% since the events were so fast and PSPC just got lost in my equity folder when it was already filled at 2.30.

I cannot fathom how I would be performing in the market without my mentors. They are the ones whom I look up to. Thank you mentors!! Muah muah chup chup!

I wish I was able to pass some hope to you who are struggling in the market right now.

Kota na bes.

God bless us all.