TradeRAKating ZFTs in SIARGAO!

Coming from a girl who loves nothing but traveling, the invitation to go RAKing in a place she hasn’t been is really alluring.

“It would be really awesome to be with them in the south this time.” myself said, and myself did. We did.

Please excuse me for this photo. Minsan lang naman. LOL

photo by doktora

That was the longest trip I had ever had in my entire slaved life. That time my attention was focused on the outward things. I heard random noises of coconut palms dressed in the heart of the island, interrupted winds from the pacific ocean, sweet barks of dogs– lovely dogs, evaporating waters from shinning yellowish sandbars, sexy curves of coastal tides, non-stop habal-habal engines, and English-speaking foreigners along with the locals– well, don’t imagine my nose bleeding. Please.

heading to GUYAM Island- photo by boss zee

We never noticed time ticking for deadlines as how I guess we are on a day to day basis…


Together, we traded, we RAKed and we had fun….

Look oh… rapbe!

I confused who took this photo 😛

photo by doktora

ZFTs’ Random Act of Kindness goes to Siargao. That awesome place is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine sea, province of Surigao del Norte (as copypaste from google …. hihihi).


On April 17, 2017, some medical specialist in the tribe went on Operation Tuli in partnership with Gawad Kalinga in Brgy. General Luna Siargao, Surigao der Norte. Dozens of male kids benefited on this medical mission.

photo by boss zee

It’s a pleasure to understand how guys get pained during their 1st stage of manhood.  I salute them. That was really indeed painful though.


Now, I understand why I didn’t take any medical courses.

I’m also confused who took this.

Indeed, it was a successful RAK. I really had enough.


Congratulations Brothas!
You guys are now completely “men”.
Thank you for letting us, ZFTs to be a part of it.


“Pag nag close sa 0.36 MRC today libre ko na dinner oh.” said boss Zee

All eyes were at MRC. Craving for a very delicious dinner, everybody from the group prayed for it to close at 0.36…

“0.31… 0.32… closed at 0.315” said Zan Snow

However, it didn’t close at that level we wished it to be…


“…..” said boss Henry Tan (he had MRC, he’s fine)

I hate you MRC! Hahaha The fancy supper for free by the boss was gone. Urg. LOL. Well, it’s okay, the experience we had seeing Boss Zee and sir Henry Tan traded live was priceless. Boss Zee even let us see one of his ports and it was a dazzling one. I salivated for a moment. 😛

I was also given precious chances to have one on one talks with the bosses. I saw how humble they are but you would not want to be with them trading live, given the fact that you’re not holding the stock they are holding. Hahaha. They would really test your mindset toward your trade and it’s not easy dude. My palm was really itchy to cut CPM and it’s a blessing that the Internet was not sufficient to sell, also I wouldn’t really cut either. LOL

So my TP was still hit…



Qouta na… and with these trades I bought last Friday.. please make me quota early for the next month… puleasseee T.T

port today.jpg

For all, I thank God.
Thank you for the gift of camaraderie.
Thank you for the gift of knowledge to trade independently.
Thank you for the people I am blessed to talk with.
Thank you the lives of these fellas who keep on inspiring others including me.