LC and My Learning Chronicles

I was waiting for the stop light at Dela Rosa St. corner Amorsolo to give me a go so I could cross the street when I overheard two cute creatures talking loudly…

Girl: (she was holding her phone on her right hand while smashing Pagurl using her left) Tang*** mo bakla! naka go pa! Mamamatay ako nito eh! P%()#Q*%@ mo naman eh! (as if Pagurl was accountable for her life to be protected while she was focusing on her phone doing I dunno what…)
Pagurl: (s/he pointed out a lady who just crossed the street while the stop light was still red and was about to follow her) P*t*! Eh ung babae sinusundan ko… bobo eh! Tumawid naka gow chi! Ang bubu!
Girl: Hue hue hue! (she has a unique way of laughing)

They looked at me because maybe I was looking at them then Pagurl said this as if s/he was talking to me…

Pagurl: Diba noh? T#_(%)*@&*! Ang bob@ ni ate!
Me: Hahahahaha! (enjoying their cursing session of the world at the historical crossing of Makati Med)

So Paf, how is this related?

This scenario showed me a flash of what I learned in trading so far. Let’s talk about the characters…

The Girl: She was holding her phone without knowing her friend was taking her to a pit and upon realizing it, she cursed her friend for doing it so.

The Pagurl: S/he was about to follow the lady even s/he was aware of what’s happening around them. S/he was also cursing the lady about her decision to cross even though it was still a red light.

The Lady: She broke the rule by beating the red light even it could cost her life. Luckily, she successfully made it without scratches. The traffic officer just shouted at her and was about to ask her to sing the national anthem. She was just quick so she was not caught. Good for her.

Me: Excuse me please. I was just lurking and learning. 😛

Let’s take it into the trading perspective.

Those characters seem to be the stages of my learning pace in trading.

I was once the girl who didn’t know what I was doing and I depended my trades on the hypes of the market. Cursing the gurus and the guru wanna bees for my trades. P@$#)8^! po kayo na still nanghhype on peysbuk! LOL

Next, I became the Pagurl who was a bit cautious about hypes. I started to observe what others were doing wrong and right, also I was learning from them including my past experiences of what I’d seen on the market.

Last, I was once the lady who didn’t care if my rules and plans in my trades were met even it could cost me a lot of money maybe because of frustrations. For The Lady, she was able to cross successfully but me, I was at a loss and still recovering from it.The traffic officer was like the mentors we have now in the tribe. They keep on bashing, supporting and guiding us to be better traders in the long run. Love you mentors!


I guess I am having the transition of being The Lady to a better version of The Lady herself.


The lady didn’t care about what others would think about her decision. She decided on her own action because in that moment, there was a heavy traffic and anyone could really cross the street. She was brave enough to hear the bashing and cursing of others. She walked on her own, independently flipping her hair back and forth.


I want to be more of THE LADY 2.0 who can decide for herself… who can stand for herself about what she thought was the “right thing”… who doesn’t care about what others think and does what she thinks should be at her pace.

I should be heading to that.


 Here’s my LC trade.

Why did I buy it in the first place?


I bought LC because by looking at it the momentum was good, it broke 0.21 and was breaching the breakout. I was also finding a good base so that I could just sit back and relax if and only if it broke but as of now it hasn’t, so…


Because of the loss of momentum in LC and its thick resistance I decided to cut +-4% of that position even though it was within the range. That’s all.

BTX nalang if it breaks…

No worries, I was able to buy a good position right after.


Pakota na please.


Ano kaya nyare kay Girl, Pagurl at the Lady?



That is tragic if you have the same average as mine and still has this.

However, this is juicy for others… hmmm not for me.. breakout lang meeee… ayawww… breakout lang talaga promiseeeeee!!! 😀


My Beginnings Part 2- The Immunity Test

That day, I woke up with my blood poured out. No one noticed that I was bleeding. That was the worst part of it. I was on my own. It was on the inside that no one would be able to help. It was a torture. All the things in the chart were all in Greek. Hyping and bashing everywhere. I wasn’t able to move. I was tied.

It hurt a lot. A lot.

It was just a three months ago when I got involved into the promises of prosperity. I was flying blind.  The promises soon perished. It was a doom.  There was darkness all around. No light could be foreseen.


I was down thirty percent…

I whispered, “Is this the end or…?”

Down to forty percent….

My work was affected. The focus was gone. Before I knew it, I became an irate one that I once hated. Being easily irritated was the new me. My sisters were bothered of such behavior. My father tried confronting me as if he could do something but because of his high temper we always ended up with the devil’s advocate. It was an uphill battle. Still, I loved him. I knew he was just trying to help but there’s no way he could help. I loved him even more. On the other hand, my mother always watches the news so she understood what was happening. She didn’t say any words that could make me devastated even though I already was. She believed that I could surpass it and  all she knew was I was strong. Well, that was what I showed her because I didn’t want her even my dad to be shaken and lose hope with what it was supposed to be. I thought I showed her enough strength but her actions were so comforting, acknowledging that she knew what was happening in the inside of me. She didn’t bother to ask me anything and that I didn’t know why. She somehow pictured a bit of peace in the middle of the raging waves of blood. I loved her the most.


I saw the devil and  it felt like letting big wounds swell without the capability moving a muscle. It felt like having an operation without a shot of anesthesia. I couldn’t blame anyone in putting me into this situation since I first wanted it. I wish the ground would swallow me up and set my peace. My “what ifs”cried  louder and louder.

“I should still endure the pain…”

“What should I do?” I asked myself with my hands covering my face. My eyes had watered like they never had. It was more painful than a heartbreak.

Down forty three percent…


I was frustrated. Down forty five percent…

A deep breath came out without my control.

I stood up and walk in the lobby for a while. Thinking that I should do something, I rushed and went back to my desk.

The numbers continued to bleed. I held my breath.


Liquidating all my positions into a loss enabled me to breathe. Finally, I sighed.

I was in the middle of being defeated but relieved.

I bought some ice cream, treated myself a movie, and ate a piece of chicken in Savory. At last, I became free: worry free, anxious free and free from bondage. The action overlapped the darkness deep within me. I saw a bitter light of walking away from the battle. Quitting was an option this time. However, the calling was too strong.


It was like more than three days when I stayed away from the market. I kept on thinking if it was really for me. Internalizing the thoughts I had before the  peace I was enjoying had gone away, a glimpse of yesterday had shined. An internal motivation of not surrendering arose.

In the following days, I saw myself reading helpful blogs and trying promising positions. Bad trades have become common but they don’t hurt that much. Not anymore. Maybe I became tougher. Maybe.

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