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I can’t sleep. Currently thinking about my life choices…


Hi. How have you’ve been?

Make sure you tell your family that you love them. They are one of the big factors in your life. Basically, they always check you up no matter how much you fight. Cheer you up  even they don’t understand what’s going on. They are just there. Your biggest fan. Put on alerts so you don’t forget their birthdays, no matter how busy you are.

Make sure you get up, even you cry over a lost love, money or drive towards the circumstances you have in life. Don’t stop what you have started right because at the end of the day everyone will wait if you bounce back or not. The pros know that waiting for EOD is a rule of thumb. Be bold and don’t be so hard on yourself. The world doesn’t need so much drama and neither you, also know that it’s not healthy to your mindset which so you knew is prone to deterioration.

I wish I could you make you understand as early as now that you are defined by the smaller acts of distinction once you mastered your inner self. Patience in understanding it and knowing it by heart really takes time.

Refuse to be defined by your limiting beliefs and challenge them when they no longer serve you. Be vigilant.

Follow your trading plan.


An open letter to my old self…




LC and My Learning Chronicles

I was waiting for the stop light at Dela Rosa St. corner Amorsolo to give me a go so I could cross the street when I overheard two cute creatures talking loudly…

Girl: (she was holding her phone on her right hand while smashing Pagurl using her left) Tang*** mo bakla! naka go pa! Mamamatay ako nito eh! P%()#Q*%@ mo naman eh! (as if Pagurl was accountable for her life to be protected while she was focusing on her phone doing I dunno what…)
Pagurl: (s/he pointed out a lady who just crossed the street while the stop light was still red and was about to follow her) P*t*! Eh ung babae sinusundan ko… bobo eh! Tumawid naka gow chi! Ang bubu!
Girl: Hue hue hue! (she has a unique way of laughing)

They looked at me because maybe I was looking at them then Pagurl said this as if s/he was talking to me…

Pagurl: Diba noh? T#_(%)*@&*! Ang bob@ ni ate!
Me: Hahahahaha! (enjoying their cursing session of the world at the historical crossing of Makati Med)

So Paf, how is this related?

This scenario showed me a flash of what I learned in trading so far. Let’s talk about the characters…

The Girl: She was holding her phone without knowing her friend was taking her to a pit and upon realizing it, she cursed her friend for doing it so.

The Pagurl: S/he was about to follow the lady even s/he was aware of what’s happening around them. S/he was also cursing the lady about her decision to cross even though it was still a red light.

The Lady: She broke the rule by beating the red light even it could cost her life. Luckily, she successfully made it without scratches. The traffic officer just shouted at her and was about to ask her to sing the national anthem. She was just quick so she was not caught. Good for her.

Me: Excuse me please. I was just lurking and learning. 😛

Let’s take it into the trading perspective.

Those characters seem to be the stages of my learning pace in trading.

I was once the girl who didn’t know what I was doing and I depended my trades on the hypes of the market. Cursing the gurus and the guru wanna bees for my trades. P@$#)8^! po kayo na still nanghhype on peysbuk! LOL

Next, I became the Pagurl who was a bit cautious about hypes. I started to observe what others were doing wrong and right, also I was learning from them including my past experiences of what I’d seen on the market.

Last, I was once the lady who didn’t care if my rules and plans in my trades were met even it could cost me a lot of money maybe because of frustrations. For The Lady, she was able to cross successfully but me, I was at a loss and still recovering from it.The traffic officer was like the mentors we have now in the tribe. They keep on bashing, supporting and guiding us to be better traders in the long run. Love you mentors!


I guess I am having the transition of being The Lady to a better version of The Lady herself.


The lady didn’t care about what others would think about her decision. She decided on her own action because in that moment, there was a heavy traffic and anyone could really cross the street. She was brave enough to hear the bashing and cursing of others. She walked on her own, independently flipping her hair back and forth.


I want to be more of THE LADY 2.0 who can decide for herself… who can stand for herself about what she thought was the “right thing”… who doesn’t care about what others think and does what she thinks should be at her pace.

I should be heading to that.


 Here’s my LC trade.

Why did I buy it in the first place?


I bought LC because by looking at it the momentum was good, it broke 0.21 and was breaching the breakout. I was also finding a good base so that I could just sit back and relax if and only if it broke but as of now it hasn’t, so…


Because of the loss of momentum in LC and its thick resistance I decided to cut +-4% of that position even though it was within the range. That’s all.

BTX nalang if it breaks…

No worries, I was able to buy a good position right after.


Pakota na please.


Ano kaya nyare kay Girl, Pagurl at the Lady?



That is tragic if you have the same average as mine and still has this.

However, this is juicy for others… hmmm not for me.. breakout lang meeee… ayawww… breakout lang talaga promiseeeeee!!! 😀

Beyond Price Levels

Everyone had the chance, but there were only two people left standing.

“Wing Chun!!!Wing Chun!!! Wing Chun!!!” screamed the ZFT crowd.

A Wing Chun Master from the Bastards went to go on a battle with a Swabe Master from the Invicta batch to get the title for being the calmest trader to master the rock, paper, and scissors war and of course, it was also for the name of the pot money worth I don’t know. 😛


Every one in the crowd could not hold back their support as they saw their Wing Chun Master went on a war. We witnessed some favoritism here as if we had placed a bet. hahaha

Kap was in the middle of everyone to control the ranging crowd so that the blood may not scatter on the battle field. Nice try Kap.

It was so intense.

Wing Chung Master -0
Swabe Trader-3

As the poker faced Wing Chun Master was about to be defeated…

Sir Lancelot said, “Wait! Wait! There was something magical on how this match was done. Let’s have one last blow!” 

Hoping that Master Wing Chun would regain his strenght, there came the last blow…


Everyone got their face with disappointments for the odds of the crown were not in their favor. It was a cut loss for our ever dear Wing Chun Master. OOhhhhh! There… there… You will always be forever in our hearts. 😥

Congratulations Master Swabe! That was indeed a great game!

A lot of ZFTs came from a far just to take part in the first ever ZFT Christmas Party. They were all good looking wearing their best OOTDs.


Hey folks, I was wearing white there. Guess who. 😛

Even though I was a shy-type kiddo, I met a baker, a student, a cook, an IT, an engineer, an educator, an OFW, an organizer, a manager, a doctor, a businessman, full time traders, a father and a lot more. I told you, I was a shy type, yeap! I met different faces that I didn’t imagine I would be meeting. Faces with different backgrounds but heading towards the same goal, that’s absolutely to be a consistent profitable trader with a heart coz if not, I don’t know what is. ❤

Still, I couldn’t fathom that I am a part of it. A part of something greater, a group that molds life, imparts values, and most of all, a family.


I cried.

I initially thought it was money that keeps this group alive but it’s not, absolutely not. I tell you, there are still some of us struggling in finding ourselves given that Ms. Market likes to dive for months. There are still some of us losing at the same time learning, and realizing a lot deep within ourselves but then again finding fortress under the guidance of the mentors who had been where we, newbees exactly are, is a great relief.

It’s all about the passion, the perseverance, the urge of each member to survive and live with the lovable market that we trade. It’s all about the people who support and believe in the values of The Tribe to build a better community of traders trading with a purpose. No recos, bulongs, gurus, hypes nor tips would be heard from anyone. I haven’t seen Boss Zee being furiously angry and I don’t wish to be, but those things would probably make him become and no one of us would dare to trigger.

Well, you would only hear some updates about the latest love teams of the tribe and that’s all.


It was indeed a great night to remember. I wish to witness more cakes to be cut next year and the years to come.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks!



One evening in the bastards’ hideout,  Kapitan Kidlat sent us this message.

2016-12-20_14-58_Bastards of ZFT.jpg

Every word in this message impacted me and gave me the urge to grab it. Beforehand, my mentor and I were already talking about this. However, since my means already got its TP, I was not able to register. I pumped my mentor a lot of messages to help me and so he did.

I met Kap in the Rift Live, we shared the same table without me knowing it was her. After the event, ZFTs met for the very first time. Kapitan was introduced by the Big Boss at the last part of the meeting. We were all shocked that it was her, even I, because I  asked her who she was in the hallway and she said that I would find it out later.


She looked calm and easy going with a touch of mystery. My mentor was really curious about her. They were all curious about what she was like, how tall she was and how serious she was when she spoke. I realized that we met her differently. I met her not in the trading world with no fluctuating charts allowed. We first crossed paths on a lax trip where every ZFT enjoyed the company of finally just being together.

I didn’t see her as a strict, precise and systematic mentor they described her to be, not after I was granted the slot she had given me through my ever good looking mentor, IMG.

2016-12-20_15-46_Bastards of ZFT.jpg

I was stunned that she mentioned my name and it was me whom she had chosen. I was even more amazed on the day she led the seminar. I saw a different Kapitan Kidlat. I guess, it was the Kapitan my mentor had met.

How is Kapitan’s IMPACT, you ask?

I can only speak as to what I have seen towards her. She is full of discipline, passion in trading and teaching her craft. You will certainly like to be her if you’re a fan girl of awesome traders like me. She takes everything seriously and you would not want to ask her stupid questions on Skype or on FB messenger.

Yes, you’re warned. 😛

2016-12-19_23-02_ZeeFreaks- Reality Rift.jpg
Credits to Boss Zee’s blog from the rift last night

The Rift with Kapitan Kidlat

She was able to emphasize the proximity level of what trading really is for her and with that she was able to come up with a flexible system suited for her as a momentum and swing trader. Yes, she’s a momentum and swing trader. She has discovered herself deeply that shapes the system she has now. From her schedule on an average trading day up to her never ending cycle of how she trades, everything is seriously systematic.

You are welcome!

Kap’s withdrawal schedule of her small, medium and big fund is also programmed accordingly. Her mindsets in trading a downtrend vs. trading an uptrend are remarkably different. It reminds me of the quote, “How you do anything is how you do everything” by T Harv Eker.

She is the epitome of discipline.

It’s so her so for the boys out there  who would take a look at her, good luck!


It also made me think that she has successfully made everything in trading her comfort zone. It’s like everything is automatic. Being committed to trading is no longer an issue for her because it is that builds her.

“You have to know the rules of the game and play better than everyone else.”

Kapitan Kidlat

She has discovered herself deep within, her flaws, her strengths, her potentials as she listens to the whispers of the market. She has mastered retrospection of seeing the reasons of taking such trading actions.

“That’s what makes her dangerous in the markets, emotionless.”

Boss Zee

After all the moments I had failed and realized that discipline and focus were the keys, I met her. She showed me more of discovering the realm of myself to continuously seek for my very own system. She keeps on inspiring me and all the ZFTs out there to do more of what we could give. We are a work in the process and we will always be for Ms. Market throws different moments every time. We are aware that following our rules is not really the soul of having successful trades. Like Kap, it’s rooted into how we create those rules given the mindset that we have which gives us the trust to follow them consistently and the process of making those rules will soon become the system that we have always heard a trader should absolutely have.


Two Key Points I Learned From The Rift Live

I know that you are dying to hear how the event went and what Boss Zee was like. However, I would not be focusing about the valuable fictional characters in the tribe as the title gave what this delayed blog post of mine would be all about. 



To give your hungry thoughts a feed,  The Big Boss was not one of the speakers, he didn’t even hold the microphone and showed up in public. I was also waiting for him to show up and among those big shadows on stage, I was not able to recognize his. He was all behind the scene observing and lurking. He was just watching us.

Faceless hooded anonymous computer hacker



It was around 7:10 in the morning when a not super funny flying thing landed to the Queen City Of The South. I was at the peak of my excitement to fulfill two of my goals: to learn and to meet the big boss for the very first time. It was also the day my weary soul had been waiting for. The day I decided that I was on my own. No one to rely on. No one to depend on.

Experiencing big losses had made me numb while challenges in my personal life were filing up. As a bastard, I felt so much of a failure. *insert tears here*  The nights got longer and I could not help but to sleep since my eyes could just afford to rest and were not able to lay even a drop of tear. I had started questioning the universe if trading was really for me, seeking an excuse that may be I was not born to be a trader.

Awww… you said that in your head. LOL


Like everybody else, I went to learn what the speakers were about to share. Having the leap of faith that maybe that trip would change my unmotivated thoughts. I withdrew a portion of my wounded portfolio and grabbed the opportunity to be there and now, after some time of having muni-muni, I would be sharing the two thoughts I got from the event.

Here are the 2 major key points I learned from The Rift:

I should prepare to fail and why

Even I had been taught by one of the most refined traders in the tribe, I hadn’t established the routine that a disciplined trader does. Okay, please don’t wrinkle your forehead dear. I’m just being honest for not being so disciplined. I hope you don’t find yourself on my shoes coz if you do, I’m 100% sure that you’re having tough times right now in the the market. 


In the morning, I usually visited few charts hoping to find some good stocks to buy. Once I bought a position, (of course, I already saw some potentials on buying it and I already created a plan in my head) I had a tendency to change my plan depending on the play that a specific stock I thought should be played even though it wasn’t the plan I had before IN MY HEAD. Emotions were also on the table. To give you an example, try to trade after you stalk your ex’s new boyfriend or your hook up’s whereabouts because he’s not interested to you anymore, you would know what I was talking about. BOOM.


Emotions should not affect your reasons for buying or selling. 

-ZFT Alpha Centauri from The Rift Live

Feeling so much of a genius, I just thought it would work but as everyone testified before me, it just prepared my trades to fail.

“Trade with an edge, master that edge and apply that edge consistently.”

– ZFT Mesino from The Rift Live

I knew that I hadn’t established what kind of trader I am and as so my edge hadn’t been mastered. I usually changed my system from time to time. As a result, I tried many trades and I failed without tracking where I did wrong. Dreaming of becoming a profitable trader just by randomly clicking the mouse wouldn’t work that way. Keeping notes of my trades is really a tedious job but there’s no other way. Monitoring inconsistently because of many excuses would just make my portfolio suffer consistently.

There, there.


Note to self: Be consistent in making your trading routine!


Not everyone would trade and why

When I was in college, I always thought about my graduation day. The day that I would finally be given me a chance to present myself as a degree holder and would outsmart everyone that were not a graduate in shitty job interviews. I was wrong… very wrong. Coming from a not so financially literate family, life had been so tough. After two years, when I learned about trading, I said to myself, “I could do that. There would be no other faster way to get my dreams come true.” 

Not to blame the culture at which made me who I had become, I realized that I was fed to seek after my ever perfect professors so that they can judge my performance and to study some answers for the exams that I would wash out in my head after a week. Summing it up, those were freakin’ly after building a resume and getting a job. Trading is super not like that yoh.


In trading, any weakness in character is shown and magnified under stress. It sounds vague, but extremely few hoomans ever develop a personal responsibility to a level deep enough to trade successfully and consistently. Trading is not something that a person is born with, it must be learned.

Trading is fifty percent strategy and the other half is in the mindset.

-ZFT Kidlat 

Trading requires independent decision making skills, oozing observational skills, and the inner maturity that would make you disciplined enough to carry losses and would make you consistently perform at a gain in the market that no school has ever offered.

 Em getting serious here huh.

Now, how many of you get turned down by anyone when you decided to be a trader? I may sound vague if your true desire in trading  is rooted beyond making money. There is a BIG difference between why most people desire money and desiring money.  But how does one sort this out in their 20’s before a mortgage, spouse, kids are strapped on their back?  When there are family and friends all advising to “grow up and get a real job”?  And it’s so much less work to just find a rich hot boyfriend/girlfriend to improve one’s self esteem, social peer standing and external validation (what most are really looking for). Most do not have a reason strong enough to persist – they just want to LOOK GOOD. The same reason why most go to the gym and work out.  They’re not training for the Olympic Trials or maintaining a health regimen – they are there to become more attractive so they can appear more successful in life (via halo effect) and hopefully have more flirty potential prospects. Let’s be truly honest – most traders wash out because their reason(s) for trading is superficial.  (Just as most will stop working out at the gym after they’re married).


Ohhh that one was looong…

As a beginner, I have also dreamed of being rich as what others say I would be in trading stocks. I should admit that. I have also heard, read and learned those too good to be true promises about the market from FB groups hyping newbees only to ask for subscriptions (2k lang daw a month oh), from a friend who accidentally saw a potential on ION last year but wasn’t able to ride even a candle of it, from a stock guru who sent me an email asking for a 70,000 petots worth of his mentorship but giving plagiarized materials, from a seminar that had speakers who showed slides about stocks which flew a thousand percent gains this year just to encourage new first bloods and a lot more dear. Please, I would be so irritated if you add more to that list 😛

Don’t imagine what my face looked like when GURU X showed his slide of DAVIN with  a 4000% gain this year in a seminar I attended recently.


(…so GURU X you’re saying whut?)

You know what… those are ironically at odds with trading. It definitely requires isolation and focus. ISOLATION and FOCUS. Isolation to know thyself better and focus to filter the important details you want to see in the charts or whatever you are using in trading.


Of course, everyone wants more money and it seems excellent to sit at home in their pajamas, clicking your fancy mouse with a good booby mouse pad, making millions. However, what does it really take to acquire the skills to actually do it consistently, every day for a career, long enough to accumulate wealth?

 You know,  everything comes with a price and the question is. What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?

ZFT Akio from The Rift Live

So why everyone won’t pursue trading in the market you ask? That question lies with WHY people do the things that they do.

My questions had never been fed and my melancholic self had never been cheered until a rock woke me up from drowning in my nightmares. I would like to thank the people behind The ZeeFreaks Tribe for passing some sort of energy that I can’t explain. My life would never be the same after The Rift Live and as I end this blog post I want to leave you with this quote from Sir Henry Tan.

Replace heavy losses with determination, depression with persistence, doubting the system with discipline and lack of time with passion.

-ZFT Henry Tan from The Rift Live


Random Acts Of Kindness in Sibale, Romblon

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.

2 Corinthians 8:12

Frequent times, our gratitude to others and to God is the source of random acts of kindness that we human beings cannot explain. Thanks to Zeefreaks and the tribe, the fire within me to help others as they help me was lit again.

The act of kindness is contagious that you may be passing it to others without really knowing it. Science says that gratitude is proven to boost a person’s well-being and happiness. Maybe, it also attributes to our urge of giving back since it also gives us the power to make a difference. It can also be moving and rewarding when you see someone or something benefiting from your help. It is like an instant improvement that you have achieved. I guess it is like making a blog. This blog doesn’t physically give me something back in return after spending a lot of times in editing and pouring out all my thoughts and ideas, but I can’t explain the reward when my mother and the others laugh when they read it. That was the same feeling we felt in Sibale, Romblon. It was even more remarkable than ever!

I was about to dance upon reading this! lalalala ♪♫♪

Fourteen travelers, including myself, who didn’t know each other, were gathered for a goal and that’s to give back the gratitude that was given to us. That was the time the project “EDIKOOL” came to life. It aimed to give aid to Sibale students by giving school supplies.

Without the ten hour travel, we wouldn’t be able to see the hopes, the joy, the smiles, and the lives  of each kid in the island. It was all worth it.

Credit to Mrs. Annabelle
Credit to Ms. Daph


Last December 15, 2015, typhoon Nona devastated the island that left tremendous marks but it hasn’t received an ample amount of help to reconstruct their schools. That’s why we were really moved to help even only just the kids as much as possible to bring the fire burning despite of what happened to their beloved learning places.

Not only that, the island doesn’t have it’s own market where you can buy  things a student needs for school. They still have to take a two hour boat ride to Pinamalayan Market that is located in Oriental Mindoro. Woaahh. Take note, the main market is two hours away. Shocks!

Here are some photos of the schools in the island:





The random act of kindness was held on May 20th to 22nd of 2016 and it would not be possible without the donations given by our friends, office-mates, relatives and the people who have a great passion in helping the kids to be sent to school. The team was able to raise almost eighty thousand pesos to give six hundred plus students a sling bag containing: six notebooks, two ball pens, one pad paper, two pencils, one crayon, one sharpener, an eraser, a ruler, a pair of scissors, one soap, a toothbrush and a sachet of toothpaste.









To the people in the island, it was our privilege to help. Thank you for letting us feel the joy. Thank you for letting us see the beauty of your place and for the warm welcome you’d given us. You also helped us to enjoy life even more.


fsg sg.png




To Miss. Annabelle F. who supported us all throughout the event, thank you so much, to the organizer of the event, Mr. Bernard M. kudos to you, to all  the volunteers and the peers I made during the event cheers tayo, and lastly, to GOD who made us capable of giving, loving and caring, thank YOU po. This is such a very life changing experience. I was not the same person when I came back to Manila. I’m looking forward for more random acts of kindness to come. Let’s pass the culture of giving even through small things.

To God Be The glory.

Ps. To the boy who offered us a song. Thank you! Muah!


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Here’s for the chills:

Styled Thoughts 03: Climb Margo!

Climb Margo!

Twenty third of October, when you first climbed
Through the ticks of life
You grooved,  you shaked
You jumped, you  twisted

You ran, you moved
You rocked, you ruled
Then suddenly, you stumbled
You cried, you stopped

Now I tell you!
Climb, Margo, climb
Til you get what you want
Yes! Til you wonder not

In the mountains, bears don’t smile
Climb Margo, climb
To sweat is just fine
Believe you will still survive

Til your feet get tired
Til your eyes get dry
Climb Margo, climb
Believe me, you will smile

The mountain is never endin’
But your passion is never fadin’
Climb Margo, climb
You know, you’ll survive

Twenty fifth of April
Margo keeps to climb en climb
To her, life will just be a glimpse
With the goal in her eyes



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paftee all rights reserved 2016