LC and My Learning Chronicles

I was waiting for the stop light at Dela Rosa St. corner Amorsolo to give me a go so I could cross the street when I overheard two cute creatures talking loudly…

Girl: (she was holding her phone on her right hand while smashing Pagurl using her left) Tang*** mo bakla! naka go pa! Mamamatay ako nito eh! P%()#Q*%@ mo naman eh! (as if Pagurl was accountable for her life to be protected while she was focusing on her phone doing I dunno what…)
Pagurl: (s/he pointed out a lady who just crossed the street while the stop light was still red and was about to follow her) P*t*! Eh ung babae sinusundan ko… bobo eh! Tumawid naka gow chi! Ang bubu!
Girl: Hue hue hue! (she has a unique way of laughing)

They looked at me because maybe I was looking at them then Pagurl said this as if s/he was talking to me…

Pagurl: Diba noh? T#_(%)*@&*! Ang bob@ ni ate!
Me: Hahahahaha! (enjoying their cursing session of the world at the historical crossing of Makati Med)

So Paf, how is this related?

This scenario showed me a flash of what I learned in trading so far. Let’s talk about the characters…

The Girl: She was holding her phone without knowing her friend was taking her to a pit and upon realizing it, she cursed her friend for doing it so.

The Pagurl: S/he was about to follow the lady even s/he was aware of what’s happening around them. S/he was also cursing the lady about her decision to cross even though it was still a red light.

The Lady: She broke the rule by beating the red light even it could cost her life. Luckily, she successfully made it without scratches. The traffic officer just shouted at her and was about to ask her to sing the national anthem. She was just quick so she was not caught. Good for her.

Me: Excuse me please. I was just lurking and learning. 😛

Let’s take it into the trading perspective.

Those characters seem to be the stages of my learning pace in trading.

I was once the girl who didn’t know what I was doing and I depended my trades on the hypes of the market. Cursing the gurus and the guru wanna bees for my trades. P@$#)8^! po kayo na still nanghhype on peysbuk! LOL

Next, I became the Pagurl who was a bit cautious about hypes. I started to observe what others were doing wrong and right, also I was learning from them including my past experiences of what I’d seen on the market.

Last, I was once the lady who didn’t care if my rules and plans in my trades were met even it could cost me a lot of money maybe because of frustrations. For The Lady, she was able to cross successfully but me, I was at a loss and still recovering from it.The traffic officer was like the mentors we have now in the tribe. They keep on bashing, supporting and guiding us to be better traders in the long run. Love you mentors!


I guess I am having the transition of being The Lady to a better version of The Lady herself.


The lady didn’t care about what others would think about her decision. She decided on her own action because in that moment, there was a heavy traffic and anyone could really cross the street. She was brave enough to hear the bashing and cursing of others. She walked on her own, independently flipping her hair back and forth.


I want to be more of THE LADY 2.0 who can decide for herself… who can stand for herself about what she thought was the “right thing”… who doesn’t care about what others think and does what she thinks should be at her pace.

I should be heading to that.


 Here’s my LC trade.

Why did I buy it in the first place?


I bought LC because by looking at it the momentum was good, it broke 0.21 and was breaching the breakout. I was also finding a good base so that I could just sit back and relax if and only if it broke but as of now it hasn’t, so…


Because of the loss of momentum in LC and its thick resistance I decided to cut +-4% of that position even though it was within the range. That’s all.

BTX nalang if it breaks…

No worries, I was able to buy a good position right after.


Pakota na please.


Ano kaya nyare kay Girl, Pagurl at the Lady?



That is tragic if you have the same average as mine and still has this.

However, this is juicy for others… hmmm not for me.. breakout lang meeee… ayawww… breakout lang talaga promiseeeeee!!! 😀


The NO-NOs Before Investing

As I go along to the journey of life, I get more convinced that investing really plays a vital role in my future and surely as well as to everybody. When I was a beginner, well, I’m still a beginner though,  more and more questions arose in my curious head day by day. Mostly were about the HOW’s  of investing. I would never forget the million dollar question I asked to myself before I got so certain about investing in the Philippine Stock Market- “How does the rich get richer effortlessly?”  A friend of mine shared me the book  The Guide To Investing by R. Kiyosaki. To me, everything became POOF! The heavens got opened and enlightened me. LOL Well,  I just got a chunk of the dos and don’ts of investing at that time.  Still, the road of it is not always smooth as what a beginner always thought it would be. 

Here are five common things new investors fail to have on or before entering into world of investments:

1. No Erudition


What is erudition? You may ask. It is simply the understanding acquired by researching. Newbies tend to enter into something they do not fully understand. Do not rush to have an investment without knowing and studying it. It has its own right timing. It is when you are already knowledgeable about the pros and cons of what you are getting into. Having not enough knowledge in an investment can also be a great way to get scammed. Congratulations! 😀


2. No Target


Having a reason why you invest keeps your eyes on tract. Start asking yourself why you want to invest in the first place.  Your WHY(s) should be bigger than your fears, doubts and distractions *insert tears here*. This is also considered as your great motivator to achieve your deepest desires when everything else falls apart. A target also minimizes your choices in investing. It’s because all the choices that your going to have should be anchored to your goal and the ones that are not will be automatically eliminated. That simple.


3. No Rainy Day Fund


The rainy day fund is also known as the emergency fund. It enables you to sleep without worries at night. Some call it SWAN Fund- Sleep-Well-At-Night fund. This makes investing less riskier but most newbie investors fail to have it because they get too much excited about putting their money in an investment instrument. They don’t realize that when they lost their job for instance, there is a big tendency of liquidating their investment because they badly need it. Having a three month to six month worth of salary can save you from that situation.


4. No Security Fund


If you are Superman or someone who knows what will surely happen in the future, you do not need this. Skip reading and go to the next number. Love you.

It is simply insuring yourself as well as your family against any financial mishaps due to any unfortunate situations like accidents or even death. This also protects your investments like the emergency fund. The best thing about this fund is, it can provide you a huge support that your emergency fund might not be able to provide once you need it the most.

5. No Patience



I’m telling you with conviction that investing is a boring thing. It is because it takes a long time to realize gains. Well, it depends on what kind of investor you are but still without patience, unexpected actions can ruin your plans toward your goal(s). Be careful. Don’t let your emotion play your game. Be patient and follow your plans.  Remember, “Timing is everything”, that is what they say. For me, pizza is everything. Just kidding!

Thanks for reading! Now eating pizza while listening to Sorry by Justin Bieber. Don’t imagine me dancing.  😀

► wooohh ohhh woohhh sorry.. ♫♪♫♪

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